1. choose 3 pictures They need to be small I would make them only 2.5 to 3 inches long for a 12 by 12 LO. All the pictures need to be the same width and pretty close to the same height. (if you wanna make life easy do squares.)

2. take a paper and make it the same size as one of your pictures. (You can do this by bringing in your photo and paper into the same canvas, then select your picture ((CTRL click on it in the layer pallat)) be on your paper layer then copy and paste) Line your pictures up vertically down your page or horizontally across so you have a column or row that goes paper square-picture-paper-picture-paper picture You can use the same paper for all three or different ones. You can have the paper and pictures touch or leave a touch of space between, you can have them running off the edge of your layout, but they MUST be lined up in a straight column. you can place this column anywhere on your page. Wow that was a big instruction. Ask me if I've totally confused you.

3. Choose a background paper that's a bit rugged but does not draw attention to it self. (LOL take that to mean whatever you want!)

4. Build a huge cluster all along one edge of your layout. yup one WHOLE side of the layout needs to have a cluster. This could take awhile so it's going to be the next instructions too.

5. Keep working on that cluster. cluster ideas, lay a foundation of leaves or netting place a few big flowers or splatters on top of that, place some windy ribbon or string or ricrac, then top it off with some smaller flowers or buttons. This is not a rule, I'm just giving you some ideas for those who may be struggling with their cluster.

6. Pic one of your paper "squares" and place a splat or bead spill or something similiar somewhere on it (could be just an edge or corner) then copy & place ONE element from your cluster on top of that.