Welcome to tonight speed scrap ladies I'm hoping this directions make some kind of sense to somebody and your layouts come out looking AMAZING! I got sorta of carried away with the PP so it will be rather large for a PP and I will send them out to everyone by Friday afternoon Without further ado, lets get started!

Step 1) Open 3 papers and place one on the bottom and then place the other two on top of each other. Have it set up where you can still see a little bit of each paper on only one side.

Step 2) Place one square picture frame in the middle of your top paper. Put a picture in the frame and then place three more pictures where ever else you choose.

Step 4) Place at least three strips of paper, rik rak or anything else you want behind your big picture. Go ahead and add some rik rak where ever else you want

Step 5) Lets have some fun with elements, add 10+ elements to your layout without duplicating any. After 10, duplicate as much as you please.

Step 6) Use some alpha in whatever way you please.

Step 7) Upload it to the gallery and link it to use so we can oogle over your amazing layout!