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  1. Deal of the Week: Someday Soon - 50-60% off from Jen C Designs!

    Someday Soon is this week's Deal of the Week - the packs are 50% off and the whole collection is available for just 60% off! Sale ends on Sunday - so grab it now!

    You can get this amazing offer...
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    Jen C Designs Bake Sale!

    5 days - 3 products - $1 each - what an amazing deal!

    I have 3 fabulous template sets on this month's Bake Sale:
  3. Brand New Grab Bag & More from Jen C Designs - Save 30 - 75%!

    Hi everyone!

    I realize it's getting late in the month, but have no fear! I have a brand new Template Grab Bag all ready for you right now! And again it's on sale for 75% off!

    It's available...
  4. My Story [January] + Exclusive (Limited Time) Coupon!

    Happy New Year (a bit late at the moment mind you!)

    I've created a new coordinating collection. It's called My Story. Each month I will be releasing a jumbo collection to help you scrap your...
  5. New: A Year in Review + Freebies + Massive Coupon!

    Happy Christmas Eve! The house is clean, food is being prepared - and soon it will be tomorrow - though not soon enough for my two that's for sure!

    I have a brand new release out - perfect for...
  6. Last Day for Snowball Fight packs from Jen C Designs

    Hi everyone! Today is the very last day to grab GingerScraps: Snowball Fight packs!

    You can see a whole bunch of layouts over on my Facebook page HERE!

    Just click the image to be taken to...
  7. Brand New Template Grab Bag, 40% off Sale & New Releases from Jen C Designs

    Iím having a 40% off sale at all my stores and I have a brand new Template Grab Bag & loads of new goodies for you all today!

    Visit My Store Here!

    Now on to the new releases!

    First of...
  8. 30-50% off New Releases from Jen C Designs!

    Hi everyone!

    I have so many new releases for you today!

    The first is a brand new kit called Memories of Fall. Fall is becoming a distant memory as we turn towards the inevitable seasonal...
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    Re: Prayers or good thoughts please

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers - for your little guy - and for you x!
  10. Thread: Poor me

    by jencdesigns

    Re: Poor me

    Oh my goodness Ginger!!
  11. Re: Speed Scrap!! TODAY! 9PM GMT (1PM PST; 5PM EST)

    Hi Kelley - very strange - I was in the lobby of the chat room - I'm sorry we didn't get to have a chat!
  12. Re: Speed Scrap!! TODAY! 9PM GMT (1PM PST; 5PM EST)

    The pages won't be due til tomorrow night!! :) I want to give you all lots of time with it being a weekend and everything :) And it'll be a one-photo scrap too :)
  13. Speed Scrap!! TODAY! 9PM GMT (1PM PST; 5PM EST)

    Hi everyone!

    I'm hosting a speed scrap today at GingerScraps! It will be for an hour at 9PM GMT which is 1PM PST and 5PM ES.

    I'm in the Chat Room! Pop in and join me - or follow along here!
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