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    Re: April 2016 Cookie Jar

    Total Challenges Completed: (PLEASE only post CURRENT month Challenges, I am tracking previous months)
    10 this month

    Brush Challenge

    Buffet Challenge...
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    Pocket Scrapping: Template?

    For a photo book.

    1. Is there other names for Pocket Scrapping?
    2. Templates: Rounded corners vs. not rounded on photos and JC?
    3. Do you know of any freebies templates I can try?
    4. Are there...
  3. Re: "Monstrous Fun" Sneak Peek & a Chance to Win from BoomersGirl Designs

    I`ve had a long hiatus from scrapbooking (sick son)
    and while browsing the GS store yesterday I saw your designs for the first time.
    Girl you are clever! Your elements are like nothing I`ve seen...
  4. Re: New Release - Happy Campers Grabbag - By Connie Prince

    So pretty!! Could you add links?
  5. Thread: Ever wonder....

    by Tonje

    Re: Ever wonder....

    Maybe it would be nice to visit the gallery to those who comment.. and comment on one of their pages..
    Spread the love out..
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 3/27 - 4/2 Vote!

    Voted! I`m blowing love and happiness to you all.. congrats with the nominations.
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    Re: Bakers' Best 4/3 - 4/9

    From scraplift challenge, - a page by glee.
    First off.. stunning photo.. and very bold and creative use of all the elements.
    Love the way the frame centers (?) on the photo.
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    Re: WILD ONE WEDNESDAY from Seatrout Scraps!

    I bought it :)

    And 3 other kits.. 4 kits for 5.50.. Yay!
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    Sticky: Re: Scrapping Survivor *Lost At Sea* {SIGN UP HERE}

    I`d like to join also.. sounds like a fun competition!
  10. Re: Free this Friday Night? Join me for a Night Owl Scrap & Chat! :)

    Am I wrong.. isn`t this the right time?
  11. Re: Free this Friday Night? Join me for a Night Owl Scrap & Chat! :)

    I`m up.. well almost.. still a little zzz in my head.. gotta drink some tea.. woah... aahh.. 2.34 am
  12. CU/PU: Aye! Ye landlubbers, salty dogs, and scurvy knaves.. some free booty

    Ahoy, me hearties! All hands hoay!
    Have ye sailed t’ seven seas ye say? Where be t’ proof? Where be t’ photos?” Come on! What be ye waitin’ for?
    Get yerself ready t’ have all sorts o’ fun wearin’...
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    Sticky: Re: Do you attend speed scraps and chats??

    Tonje, full name Tonje Gram, Norway
  14. Re: Free this Friday Night? Join me for a Night Owl Scrap & Chat! :)

    Oh.. thats 3 am here in Norway.. I`ll try set the alarm.:yell
    Is it the same time each friday?
  15. Re: June 26th Night Owl Scrap & Chat with Blue Heart Scraps

    Never thought about doing this before. Thank you for the idea, inspiration, challenge and the WA template.
    Credit: Rainbow Party by B2N2 Scraps
    Templates: Simply Blocked by B2N2 Scraps
    Word Art...
  16. Freebie: CU Dymo wordstrips, PU London Grungy Papers, Cardstock and tags

    On my blog.. in this post.. direct download

  17. Freebie: Good Times Mini + Cardstock (textured)

    On my blog.. in this post.. direct download
  18. Freebies: Cluster, QP, Mini and CU flower Brush..

    Some freebies at my blog:
  19. Re: 5/2 8 PM ET Slow Scrap & Chat with Connie Prince

    I used: Signs of Spring by B2N2
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