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    Re: Who uses templates?

    I'm about 50/50. I love templates for the cropped papers - if I don't use a template my layouts usually have less paper blocks because I'm too lazy to cut them out. I will often only use the paper...
  2. Re: Feb 4th RQOTD: What's your favourite animal or reptile and why?

    Elephants - they are incredible animals and it just awes me that all the strength and power is fueled by only plant foods :D
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    Re: Scrapbooking Idiosyncrasies

    I start with the photos most of the time, unless it's for a CT layout, then of course I have to start with the kit. Once I have the photos picked out I start with papers only - I can't stand to have...
  4. Re: RQOTD What's for dinner at your house tonight?

    Whatever I feel like after Cheyanne's basketball game tonight. I have all my meals cooked and in the fridge for the week so all i have to do is pick one and warm it up :D I'm leaning toward Black...
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    Re: Have you seen any good movies lately?

    That was an excellent movie!
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    Re: Have you seen any good movies lately?

    And he reminds me so much of his father when he was young!
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    Re: Printing bound books?

    Some to check out are Persnickety Prints (love their quality and customer service is awesome), Blurb, Artscow, Mixbooks, Viovio. I like the 8x8 hardcover albums from Persnickety the best.
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    Re: Do you have recurring dreams?

    Yeah I do, I've had the same dream since I was 18 years old (so a LOT of years) about a really close friend dying in a freak accident... I also had the dream BEFORE he actually died.
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    Re: Have you seen any good movies lately?

    The Longest Ride was so good! We saw it in the theater last year and we've also rented it - love Scott Eastwood.

    We all loved Inside Out - the adults and the teens (ages 16 to 13).
  10. Re: 1/312016 RQOTD: Do you play video games/apps?

    I'm a sporadic game player... on my phone I play Sudoku and Cookie Crush when I'm somewhere waiting - like before one of Cheyanne's game starts, waiting in the car for her to get out of practice,...
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    Yes, exactly! No upload button either!
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    LOL - the gallery is a bit wonky still but I'm sure that will straighten out before long.
  13. Re: 1/24/16 RQOTD Do Your Kids Have Nicknames?

    Christopher is called Chris by his friends but I call him Christopher still (he is a Jr so family always called him Christopher and his father was Chris). When he was a kid we called him Bozo (he...
  14. Re: Where's Danica? RQOTD...what was your favourite childhood food?

    My gram's cinnamon rolls ... and grape Pop-Tarts :D
  15. Thread: Wii Dance

    by mariewilcox

    Re: Wii Dance

    yes! LOL - My daughter has 3 or 4 of them. I even do the little kids ones :P
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    Re: 1/18/2016 RQOTD Do you have a flag?

    I do at my summer home but not at my school-year home. At my school-year home I have my DHs burial flag in a flag box instead.
  17. Re: 11/17/2015 RQOTD What's for lunch today?

    I had a carrot dog smothered in BBQ Bean Chili :)
  18. Re: 01/14/2016 RQOTD Do you watch sports on television?

    Yes - Bruins (hockey), Red Sox (baseball), and NE Patriots (football) as well as pretty much any women's college basketball and women's college softball.
  19. Re: 01/12/2016 RQOTD Does your SO ever cook?

    When DH was alive he didn't cook during the week because of his work but he did enjoy cooking on the weekend or when he was on holiday routine and was home more. Of course I was vegetarian and he...
  20. Re: 01/08/2015 RQOTD Do you ever play the lottery?

    I won $4 and traded it in for 2 more tickets for the drawing on Wednesday - LOL. I can't even wrap my head around 1+ billion dollars though!
  21. Re: 01/10/16 RQOTD How do you take your coffee?

    I'm on Trace's bench - can't stand the stuff no matter what you do to it! :sick
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    Re: 01/11/2016 RQOTD do you make your bed?

    Yes, I do too - I can't stand to see it messy once I'm up for the day and I'm afraid if it isn't made I'll want to crawl back in instead of work! :D
  23. Re: 01/09/2016 RQOTD What's on your DVR?

    I don't have a DVR but my On Demand queue has Scandal, Grey's, Nashville, Quantico, American Crime, The Librarians, and Blacklist.

    My Netflix watch list always has old Grey's, Leverage, Friday...
  24. Re: 01/08/2015 RQOTD Do you ever play the lottery?

    LOL - not usually but I did get a powerball this morning when I was out getting groceries. For the price of $2 I can dream all day of what I would do with $800 million (well not that much after...
  25. Re: 01/07/2015 RQOTD what's on your pizza?

    We very rarely order out for pizza but make our own often. Mine always has super thin crust, red sauce, chopped garlic, roasted tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, and a some spinach on top after it...
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