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  1. Re: New Release - February Template Bundle - By Connie Prince

    Another month, another fabulous template bundle! I used Pics Galore Vol 5 for my page of my youngest.
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    Re: Who uses templates?

    I use them for almost every LO. I do a lot of CT pages, and if a collection comes with a template, I always try to use them.
  3. Re: Feb 7 RQOTD: Will you be watching the Super Bowl today?

    No, I didn't watch the super-annoying-bowl. I was working all weekend. I did catch the halftime show, and I was not impressed. Sorry to those who like Cold Play and Beyonce, but I really don't like...
  4. Re: New Release - 3 Little Words Grabbag by Connie Prince

    Beautiful pages, ladies! This grab bag looks wonderful!
  5. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (2/2)

    Great pages, ladies! This is a sweet deal!
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    Re: February Guest Designer

    Welcome to GS! I think I still have some of your older kits!
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    Re: February Cookie Jar

    Total February Challenges: 1

    Buffet Challenge: Sibling Love

    {Jan 2}
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    Re: January 2016 Template Challenge #1

    Great temp! Thanks again!
  9. Re: New Release -- Sisterhood -- Feb Buffet -- By Connie Prince
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    Sticky: Re: 02-2016 Hybrid Challenge

    That is a pretty neat hybrid project!
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    Sticky: Re: February 2016 Font Challenge

    I'm a font lover, too. I don't think I have this one!
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    Sticky: Re: February 2016 Desktop Challenge

    Thanks for the great desktop, Natasha! I love the horse pics in your desktop.
  13. Sticky: Re: Designer Spotlight Challenge - February 2016

    Congrats on being the spotlight designer, this month! I really love the look of the preview for this month's DD! Can't wait to collect all the pieces!
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    Sticky: Re: February 2016 Color Challenge

    Marina, I adore your new Wonderland kit! Thanks for hosting this month's challenge...pastels are lovely to scrap with!
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    Sticky: Re: February 2016 Brush Challenge

    Thanks for the png file! Great brush!
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    Sticky: Re: February 2016 Buffet Challenge

    LOVE the challenge reward this month! When I first saw Connie's kit for this month's buffet, I immediately thought of doing a LO about how great a big sister my daughter is. She was only 3 when her...
  17. Re: Have you seen any good movies lately?

    Scott Eastwood was sooo good! I haven't seen him in anything else...but I will definitely be keeping a look of for more of his movies! Gotta love a hot cowboy!
  18. Stalking Forum and waiting for February challenges!

    I love the first day of a new month! I'm very impatiently stalking the forums waiting to see what's in store for the February challenges. I have one sick kid home with me today and most of my...
  19. Re: Have you seen any good movies lately?

    THe Longest Ride with Scott Eastwood! It's a Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, The Wedding...) book turned movie. I loved it!
  20. Re: 1/312016 RQOTD: Do you play video games/apps?

    Nope, not a gamer. It drives me crazy when people (mostly my MOM!) send all the game stuff on FB; so I have it all blocked.
  21. Re: New Release - #2016 February by Connie Prince

    I #LOVE this collection! LOL!
  22. Re: Calendar in layout with Connie Prince February kit

    As I didn't make that LO, I can't say for sure where the calendar came from, but here are some calendar temps from Connie that may be what you are looking for:
  23. Re: Sneak Peek and Giveaway from Connie Prince (February Buffet)

    You don't want to miss this chance to win this's so pretty! Good luck, ladies!
  24. Re: New Release - Football Fan and Cheer Mini Kit -- by Connie Prince

    Perfect time of year for this kit! And you are right, La Shawn, these temps ROCK! I scrapped pictures of my daughter from 2012. SHe cheered for 3 years {and talked me into helping coach!} and...
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    Re: 1/18/2016 RQOTD Do you have a flag?

    We have a flag for each season that I hang out. I put it away for the Winter, though, because it gets too windy I didn't want it to rip or blow away and have to keep going out in the freezing temps...
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