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  1. Thread: RQOTD

    by mariewilcox

    Re: RQOTD

    Nope, but they are 28 and 15 years old - LOL. My 15-year old actually believed for a long time though - until she was about 12.
  2. Re: 11/21/15 RQOTD Do you like musicals?

    My parents love musicals so I grew up watching them. Some I love, some not so much. I always loved Sound of Music growing up and the classics like Oklahoma, Hello Dolly, The Music Man, etc. and I...
  3. Re: gift hard this year!

    I checked to see how much cheaper it is here in the states and not much - $429 plus the tax. Not sure if there will be BF deals on them or not...
  4. Re: 11/16/15 RQOTD I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Or do you?

    I've never been a huge fan actually, and now I don't eat dairy. However, I do enjoy a good sorbet - raspberry or mango being my faves :)
  5. Re: 11/09/2015 RQOTD Are you a list maker?

    Heck yes! I have a white board on my fridge for kitchen lists, a stack of index cards on my desk for any other list I can think of during the course of the day, and then my lists on my phone for...
  6. Re: 11/07/2015 How long does it take for you to scrap a layout?

    It depends - I think I'm slow - about 45 minutes to an hour - but that's honestly because I'm always going between FB and my layout, Pinterest and my layout, and other various sites hehe. If I...
  7. Re: 11/11/2015 RQOTD do you ever cook using a slow cooker or crock pot?

    Yes! My crockpot is my modus operandi during basketball season. At least 2 nights a week (game nights) we eat from the crock pot - that way no matter when we get home there is a hot meal waiting with...
  8. Re: 11/10/2015 RQOTD What was for dinner last night?

    I worked crazy long hours yesterday so when I got home it was chili over a pre cooked baked potato and nuked in the microwave.
  9. Re: 11/06/2015 RQOTD what was your first job?

    The little mom and pop general store just down the road from my house. I ran the cash register (back before it told you how much change to give back) and took orders at the lunch counter and served...
  10. Replies

    Poll: Re: LOTW 10/25 - 10/31 vote

    Thanks for the nomination! :)
  11. Re: 11/04/2015 RQOTD Is there a particular household chore you can't stand?

    Ironing? What's that? LOL - just kidding, I do own one but I use it for quilting and not on clothes! If it needs to be ironed I don't buy it! Hahaha
  12. Re: 11/05/2015 RQOTD What popular television show or movie have you never seen?

    Hmm, I would have to say Princess Bride
  13. Re: RQOTD Nov. 2nd: Do you wear jewelry? How much or how little?

    Aww, thanks Trace - it's been a long time now - 13 years coming up in March. He was a Marine and was killed in the Middle East.
  14. Re: 11/04/2015 RQOTD Is there a particular household chore you can't stand?

    Hands down it's mopping - I hate it. I don't mind laundry a bit or even cleaning the bathrooms, but I hate to mop. Not sure why.
  15. Re: 11/01/2015 RQOTD - What was your most favorite vacation that you have ever had?

    I have 2 favorites for totally different reasons:

    First was Italy and Switzerland with DH for our 10th anniversary many years ago. It was the most awesome 2 weeks alone together without our son...
  16. Re: 11/02/2015 RQOTD #2 - Do you wear glasses?

    Uggh, yes and no - LOL. I got my first glasses when I was in 6th grade I think. My vision sucks. I started wearing contacts in high school and only wear my glasses if absolutely necessary. (I do take...
  17. Re: RQOTD Nov. 2nd: Do you wear jewelry? How much or how little?

    Not much at all. I wear earrings - usually the same pair for a long time - I just changed my small gold hoops last week after having them in for a year - LOL

    I don't wear anything on my wrists...
  18. Re: 10/31/2015 RQOTD - What is your favorite holiday?

    We don't do big celebrations for any holiday really but Christmas is probably my favorite just because I like to find or make unique gifts and watch everyone open them. July 4th is a favorite because...
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    Re: Bakers' Best 10/25 - 10/31

    Thanks for the nomination Elizabeth!
  20. Re: 10/30/2015 RQOTD-How do you organize your digi supplies?

    I have one folder on my desktop labeled DIGITAL KITS.
    Within this folder I have subfolders labeled by DESIGNER.
    Then, obviously, every kit goes into the proper designer folder.

    I don't bother...
  21. Re: 10/29/2015-RQOTD When you scrap do you mix kits?

    Never, my brain would explode!

    However, I do have a folder of "scrapbooking essentials" that has miscellaneous things like staples, brads, strings, clipping masks for shapes, alphas, borders, etc....
  22. Re: 10/27/2015 RQOTD-what food do you dislike the most?

    EGGS!!!! They are nasty nasty nasty! I have never ever liked them and it doesn't matter how they're cooked. It took me years to be able to cook them for others (RE: my kids and DH) without gagging -...
  23. Re: 10/26/2015 RQOTD-What is your favorite candy?

    I'm really not a candy person per se... I don't like milk chocolate or white chocolate and really prefer things with like 85% cacao or more - very dark bitter chocolate. Mounds would be my kind of...
  24. Thread: Pumpkin?

    by mariewilcox

    Re: Pumpkin?

    My sister makes a bourbon pumpkin pie with praline pecans to put on top :) it is AWESOME.
  25. Re: 10/25/2015 RQOTD-Are you right or left handed?

    Right handed for writing but in sports I was left handed - threw a ball, batted, kicked, etc. all left handed. Have no idea why.
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