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  1. JB Studio| New Release Reveal and Winner Announcement

    This week I paired up with a new sweet and talented friend to bring you a beautiful collection. Meagan of Meagan's Creations was such a sweet and inspirational partner.

    Last week I opened the Love...
  2. Tuesday Sneak-Peek Giveaway at JB Studio's Blog

    Today is Tuesday. It means we have a new sneak-peek giveaway.

    And today it feels even more special
    because we have a DOUBLE GIVEAWAY.
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    Re: Make a connection

    When two become one!
  4. Love, Love, Love at JB Studio

    I know it's a bit early, but I just can't resist the celebration of Love. I get really excited about having a special day to show people my love. Here in Brazil, Valentine's Day is only celebrated by...
  5. Sticky: Re: January, 2015 | Journaling Challenge

    Love all your layouts! Thanks for joining us.
  6. Come see which products did Robin pick for Bake Sale this month...

    This month Robin chose three super cute full kits to be featured in the Bake Sale.
    Three amazing kits for $1 only. Hurry up and don't miss this great deal!
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    Are You Feeling Lucky?

    We are heading to the end of the second week of 2015 and my question for you is Are you feeling lucky?Do you feel hopeful to accomplish everything you are aiming for this year?

    For me, feeling...
  8. JB Studio| Sneaky Peek Giveaway | Jan 15, 2015

    Do you feel lucky?

    So, head over to the blog and leave your comment for a chance to win the kit that is coming to the shop this week.
  9. Sticky: Re: January, 2015 | Journaling Challenge

    As I'm working with small monthly goals, I decided to make a layout with declarations for the year instead of goals.
  10. Sticky: Re: January 2015 Buffet Challenge

    Love all your layouts. Here's mine.
  11. Sticky: Re: January, 2015 | Journaling Challenge

    Remember to share link to your layout in the gallery so we can leave you some love. :)
  12. Re: JB Studio| A huge collab coming this week - sneaky peek give away

    Visit the blog because the kit and the winner was revealed. :)
  13. JB Studio | Digital Besties Reveal and Winner Annoucement

    Start Fresh event started over Simple Scrapper. On the first day, Jennifer asked us to reflect about our creative journey and one of the items that I added to my accomplishments as a scrapper is the...
  14. JB Studio| A huge collab coming this week - sneaky peek give away

    Another huge collab is coming this week.

    Head over to the blog and grab your chance to win it.
  15. Re: Happy New Year Everyone!!!

    Happy new year everyone. May all your dreams become real this year!
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    Sticky: Re: INSPIRATION!!

    Thanks so much for sharing photo inspiration, I think it's the worst part for me. I started PLing in 2014 and actually I need to finish it. But I feel more inspired to add photos this time, even when...
  17. Sticky: Re: January, 2015 | Journaling Challenge

    Amazing pages and resolutions. I'm so glad to see so many layouts. Left you all love in the gallery and I hope to see you back next challenges.
  18. Re: Happy New Year 2015!!! January Brush challenge

    This is beautiful!
  19. Sticky: Re: January 2015 Reward Challenge thread

    Grabbing my spot this month. Added my own challenge which is not in the list. :)

    Total Challenges Completed:

    Brush Challenge
    Buffet Challenge: My OWL 2015: Real
    Color Challenge
  20. Sticky: Re: January 2014 Template Challenge #1

    What a cool template! You rock the templates world!
  21. JB Giveaway Winner Announcement

    Head over to the blog to see if you are the winner of Turning The Page Kit.
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    Re: Farewell Sale :(

    Oh, I'm sorry to see you go. Best wishes for your new opportunities!
  23. New! Turning The Page by JB Studio - 50% off now!

    It's the first of a new month - and a new year!
    It means it's time for Buffet, lots of goodies you can add to your plate and be delighted.

    The color swatch chosen is so cute and I couldn't resist...
  24. JB Studio Sneaky-Peek Giveaway - LAST HOURS!!

    Hurry up and head over to my blog for a chance to win my new kit that will be released tomorrow.
    You must leave your comment up to 11:59pm EST tonight
  25. Sticky: January, 2015 | Journaling Challenge

    Yay for 2015!!

    Do you get as excited as I do when a new year comes? I really love all the hope in the air. I believe it's a great moment to do things you wanted for so long and to reflect about...
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