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  1. Re: NEW! Sparkle & Shine ~ Kathryn Estry collab

    This is such a fun Christmas collection!
  2. Re: NEW! December Scraps by Kathryn Estry

    Love this series and their versatility!
  3. Re: NEW~Snow Sweet Village~by Kathryn Estry

    Very cute collection!
  4. Re: Newborn King~by Kathryn Estry~now in GingerScraps store

    This kit is so adorable! I'm looking forward to working with it.
  5. Re: Dear Santa~by Kathryn Estry~Dec buffet

    Very cute collection!
  6. Re: LAST DAY! for Kathryn Estry's sale

    Hurry and get in on this sale before today is over!
  7. Re: Joan Canyon ~ by Kathryn Estry~now in GingerScraps store

    Beautiful collection!
  8. Re: NEW ~ Bookmark Calendars by Kathryn Estry

    These are so neat. They'd make a great gift!
  9. Re: Versailles ~ by Kathryn Estry~now in GingerScraps store

    Love the bright fall colors!
  10. Re: Jamestown ~ by Kathryn Estry~now in GingerScraps store

    Beautiful fall kit!
  11. Re: Black Friday Sale ~ Kathryn Estry's store

    Wow! Incredible sale!
  12. Re: NEW~A Grateful Heart~by Kathryn Estry

    Lovely colors and neat elements!
  13. Re: New~Santos Mahogany~by Kathryn Esstry

    Beautiful! This is a great bundle.
  14. Re: Autumn Dance ~ by Kathryn Estry ~ now bundled

    Love this kit. I keep using the leaves from this kit on everything!
  15. Re: NEW $1-$2 ~ Harvest Angels by Kathryn ~ November Buffet

    Beautiful colors
  16. Re: Big Sale in Kathryn Estry's Store ~ starts Oct. 30

    Great sale! Thanks, Kathryn!
  17. Re: NEW!~After Hours~by Kathryn Estry

    Beautiful colors and beautiful elements. I love this kit!
  18. Re: October Nights by Kathryn Estry ~ now in store

    beautiful Halloween kit!
  19. Re: Rhonda's Homeschool ~ by Kathryn Estry~ now bundled

    I'm honored to have such a beautiful kit named after me!
  20. Re: Autumn Dance by Kathryn Estry ~ Oct Buffet

    Loved working with this kit. I've used the realistic leaves in several things already!
  21. Re: NEW! ~ October Scraps ~ by Kathryn Estry

    Beautiful colors for October!
  22. Re: New Collection ~ Changing Lives ~ by Kathryn Estry

    beautiful rainbow of colors!
  23. Replies

    Re: Baker's Best 9/14-9/20

    What an honor to be nominated for my first Baker's Best! Thank you!!
  24. Re: NEW! ** Believe In Miracles ** by Kathryn Estry

    This is one of my favorite Kathryn kits! So gorgeous!
  25. Re: 40% Off Sale ~ Kathryn Estry's Store

    Great sale, Kathryn!
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