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  1. Re: iNSD Wishlist Give-Away from Mandy King!

    I have to say, this is an amazing opportunity and I thank you for giving us this chance! Yesterday was my birthday, so this is definitely going to be my birthday wish! LOL!!! I will tell you...
  2. Re: Mandy's May Grab Bag: Sneak Peek & Giveaway!

    Um, this is just too awesome! I left a comment on your blog, so I hope I am allowed to leave comments in both places. Yesterday was my birthday and with iNSD weekend coming up, this would be an...
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    Re: Attn: Dagi fans! Gso chance to win!!

    I love Dagi's Templates thanks for the info!! :36_1_33:
  4. Re: Sneak Peek & Chance to Win from Connie Prince (ends 2/19)

    Looks so fabulous, thanks for the chance! :)
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    Re: Are You Feeling Lucky?

    I am feeling lucky and blessed! This is a beautiful kit, thanks for the huge's so awesome another reason to feel lucky!!
  6. 40% Off Sale in JB Studios Shop Through Jan. 20th!

    Don't miss out on this fabulous sale!
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    Re: NEW! Christmas Countdown and Multipix 6

    Awesome stuff! I love all of your designs!!!
  8. Re: {Autumn Woods} templates by Dagi's Temp-tations....Nov Buffet!

    wow these are so beautiful! I must have them!
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    Re: The Official Boot Camp sign up thread

    I am not sure if it is too late to join in....

    Your name: Candice S.
    Your Scrap blog:
    Where are you from? Denver, Colorado
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