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  1. Re: New Release - 3 Little Words Grabbag by Connie Prince

    I love the colors in this grab bag!!
  2. Re: New Release -- Sisterhood -- Feb Buffet -- By Connie Prince

    Still a few minutes for this sale!! This is such a beautiful kit!
  3. Re: New Release - Football Fan and Cheer Mini Kit -- by Connie Prince

    Great colors and just in time for some serious football watching - though my favorite team is out, I'm still watching the playoffs :)
  4. Re: Connie Prince's January Retiring Products Sale

    Project 2013 March is one of my absolute favorite kits so while I'm sad to see it go, I'm happy to get some great kits at great prices :)
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    Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (1/12)

    Love these layouts as much as I love the kits!! :)
  6. Re: New Release - January Grabbag - Healthy Habits - By Connie Prince

    Love this kit!
  7. Re: Take 2 Tuesday Sale from Connie Prince (1/5)

    Love these layouts but I'm getting jealous of the cruises!! Such pretty kits Connie for such a great price :)
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    Re: New Release: Cheers by Connie Prince

    Such a bright and cheery (see what I did there he he!) kit.
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    Re: Connie Prince Take 2 Tuesday (12/29)

    Love both of these kits almost as much as I love $2 Tuesdays!!
  10. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (12/22)

    I love these dinosaurs and I love the versatility of the Fabu-locity kit!!!
  11. Re: New Release - December Template Bundle - By Connie Prince

    Love template bundles! Especially when they have white space ones in them :)
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    Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince - 12/8

    Love $2 Tuesdays and I appreciate that the coordinating packs are on sale too!
  13. Re: Black Friday - Cyber Monday 50% Off Sale and FWP from Connie Prince

    Such a lovely gift!
  14. Re: New Release - Project 2015 December -- Connie Prince

    Love these bright, cheerful colors!
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    Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince - 11/24

    I love Tuesdays so very much! I got to use Wings of Hope and it was a blast!
  16. Re: New Release - Made with Love - by Connie Prince

    I loved using this kit. It is so pretty!!
  17. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Song of Spring and Fowl Weather)

    I really liked the summery feel of Fowl Weather - especially since it's cold outside and I'm not ready for winter!
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 11/8 - 11/14 vote

    Thank you so very much for allowing my layout to be with all these amazing ones!! You can't know how great that makes my day!!
  19. Re: New Release - Template bundle -- by Connie Prince

    Love Connie's monthly template bundles. They really help me build up my stash!
  20. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Bountiful Life & Fashionista)

    Can you tell I love Bountiful Life??? :)
  21. Re: DSD New Releases from Connie Prince -- Grabbags, FWP, and Sale!

    Love Connie's sales and the FWP kit is amazingly generous :)
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    Re: 50% Off DSD Sale from Connie Prince

    Love DSD time!!! Stocking up on fab kits like Connie's just makes my day :)
  23. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Reading is Fun and Cookie Time)

    I love $2 Tuesdays :) I used the Reading is Fun kit to capture my son's love of reading :)
  24. Re: New Release - Plan On It -- November Buffet - By Connie Prince

    I love Buffet time and especially with these colors :)
  25. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (On Stage & She Is)

    I loved using On Stage for my drama kid's "plays" :)
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