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  1. Sticky: Re: GingerScraps 7th Birthday 2015 *Scavenger Hunt*

    All done and all sent out, if you don't get your PM let me know!!
  2. Sticky: Re: GingerScraps 7th Birthday 2015 *Scavenger Hunt*

    Never fear ladies! I have a ton of PMs and I am taking the weekend off, but will be going through them this week and you will have your coupons by Friday for sure!!

    If there are problems, I will...
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    Re: Night Owls Chat 4/20 10pm EST

    Hey everyone!! I found a new way to sneak out and get on the computer without Ginger seeing me!! It is hard to find her away from the computer! That is hard to doThis looks like lots of fun! ...
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    Re: SS Chat with Pretty in Green 9pm Est

    weee running though....
    our lovely host Rachel has given me a code for $2.00 any purchase of her goodies..... only good for 2 uses!! Hurry!!!
    code- yumyumyum
  5. Re: May 7 - Progressive Scrap (The SLOW Speed Scrap)

    Ahhhh.. This looks like a nice spot for a little rest!
    mmmmm.. It smells like Fresh Baked Cookies in here... oh wait.... that is ME!! I must have forgotten to wear deodorant today, I'm so...
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    Catch me if you can!

    Running through to tell you all hello......
    Catch me if you can :)
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