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    Retiring Product Sale!

    Out with the old to make room for the new! 50+ items on sale at 70% off! July 21-31! Hurry and grab them before they are gone!
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    Re: We've Moved

    Here is a kit that I have that might work for you!
  3. $2 Tuesday From Luv Ewe Designs!

    Itís Tuesday again! For one day only, I have these two template sets for $2 each! Hurry and grab Blue Jean Baby Templates and Broken Templates while they are on sale!
  4. $2 Tuesday from Luv Ewe Designs!

    It's Tuesday again and that means I have two goodies for only $2 each today only! Hurry and grab One More Candle and That's a Nerdy Word while they are a bargain!
  5. Luv Ewe Designs is Having a CT Call!

    Hey it's time for Luv Ewe to have another CT Call! To apply or for more information, email me at!
  6. $2 Tuesday From Luv Ewe Designs!

    It's $2 Tuesday! This week I have these two kits for only $2 each today only! Grab Find Your Inner Beauty and New Beginnings while they are a steal!
  7. $2 Tuesday From Luv Ewe Designs!

    It's Tuesday again and that means that there is a special $2 sale just for today! You can grab either Retro Love or Miracles Happen Add On for only $2 each today only! Hurry while they are a bargain!...
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    Bases Loaded! New This Week!

    Baseball is the American summer memory! Bases Loaded is a kit perfect for scrapping about your baseball memories! This kit is 25% off through Monday!
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    In Stitches! New This Week!

    In stitches is a word art set that includes so many colors that you can use them on about any page! These words are quite large in size and are easily resizable. There is a primary color set and a...
  10. The Bright Side Templates! New This Week!

    The Bright Side is a template set to help boost your creativity! These are 25% off through Monday! Enjoy!

  11. Skip A Beat! New This Week From Luv Ewe Designs!

    Skip A Beat is a kit by Luv Ewe Designs perfect for scrapping about the people that make your heart go pitter patter or skip a beat! This kit is 25% off through Monday!
  12. $2 Tuesday from Luv Ewe Designs!

    It's Tuesday and I have a full sized kit and a template set for you for only $2 each today only! Hurry and grab Boughs Of Holly Templates and Summer Beauty while they are a bargain!
  13. Holly Daze! New This Week From Luv Ewe Designs!

    Holly Daze is a kit that is fun, colorful and full of sweet goodies! This kit is 50% off through Monday!
  14. Winter Wonderland! New From Luv Ewe Designs!

    Winter is the time that we see the pretty snowflakes falling from the sky, the children making snow angels, and then having hot chocolate afterwards. Here are some items with softer colors for...
  15. Luv Ewe Designs is having a CT call!

    Have you been waiting for a call? Here's your chance!
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    Re: Just for fun.....

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    Re: Snow day!

    We went sledding today! I haven't been in a long time! Gethane I am just to the south of you (Clinton)! I looked at a weather map this morning and my area was supposed to have about the most in...
  18. Re: Owning your own business is HARD WORK!

    Glad you're here! What kind of a business do you have?
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    1/24/14 Night Owl Chat!

    Come visit me Friday 1/24/14 at 10PM EST for the Night Owl Chat!
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    Re: Blue Heart Scraps Creative Team Call!

    Good luck JoyLynn!
  21. 9/21 10PM B-Day Chat With Luv Ewe Designs!

    Come chat with me!
    in the Ginger Scraps Chat Room
    Saturday September 21
    at 10 PM EST

    You never know I might be...
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    Re: Designer Classes

    May I suggest Chelle's Creations Design Club? I have been a member for awhile and have learned some cool tricks with her.
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    Re: Hello from France

    Welcome to GS (and to my team)!
  24. Expanding My Team! Luv Ewe CT Call!

    I am looking for a few creative people to join my team!
    Positions available:

    Layout Designers
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    Re: Chat With Me On 3/26!

    Almost time!
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