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  1. Re: Win the official Scrapping Survivor Season 4 kit!

    Ooo, I'm so excited for the competition again this year! My guesses are:

    A bakery
    Old McDonald's farm
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    Re: Snips and Snails CT Call!

    This is a great team ladies! Beautiful products, very friendly and interactive group, and a designer who works hard to make the CT fun and stress-free. There is generally plenty of time for layouts...
  3. Re: Product description writing service (sort of reverse CT call)

    Thanks ladies - and thanks Sara! Laura isn't selling at GP anymore as of May, that's why the link was broken. Didn't remember that, but I've fixed it now for her new shop.
  4. Product description writing service (sort of reverse CT call)

    Hi there - just wanted to drop in and let everyone know I am offering a product description writing service for digiscrap designers. Details can be found here on my blog if anyone is interested.
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    Re: ***UPDATED**GingerSWAPS**UPDATED***

    Sorry I missed this one - sounds really fun! I'll have to join in next time around.
  6. I'm new here and would love to introduce my blog

    Hi there! I learned about GingerScraps when I saw the Survivor contest advertised at DSA. It sounded so fun, I just had to sign up. I'm hoping to get to know the forum and members better as well, now...
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