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  1. Re: [JB Studio] Sneak Peek and Chance to Win! : Magic Autumn Mega Collection

    Magical for sure!! I see a pumpkin with wheels there!!
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    Re: October 2015 Buffet Challenge

    here is mine Everything From Aprilisa Designs At The Pumpkin Patch
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    Re: October 2015 reward Challenge thread

    Total Challenges Completed: (PLEASE only post CURRENT month Challenges, I am tracking previous months)

    Brush Challenge

    Buffet Challenge

    Color Challenge

    Daily Download Challenge
  4. Re: Freebie! from JB Studio: Week Bubbles

    Oh i LOVE these!! Great for pocket scrapping! Cant wait to use them. Thanks SO much!!!
  5. Re: Sneak Peek and Comment to Win HERE Connie Prince Buffet

    wow!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!
  6. Re: [JB Studio] Freebie and Special Contest - Win $50!

    I LOVE journal card templates!! These are fantastic, thanks so much!!!
  7. Some Fall Love and a Free Gift from JB Studios!

    Happy Fall Y'all!!! I LOVE this time of year and am already loading up on Pumpkin Spice Creamer!!

    JB Studios has a beautiful kit called Falling In Love at the $1 Bake Sale through tomorrow. You...
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    Sticky: Re: September 2015 Challenge Template #1

    Thanks for hosting and the wonderful template!!
  9. Have you seen JB studios new bundle Autumn Splendr? FREE GIFT!!!

    I got so excited when I downloaded all the goodies in this bundle that I asked Dani if I could make a few journal/filler cards and give them to you and she said yes! This bundle is incredible! If you...
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    Re: Brush Challenge Sept 2015

    Thanks for hosting this is from Autumn Spendor by JB Studio
  11. Re: New Buffet Collection by JB Studio: Autumn Splendor

    Wow!! This is an awesome amazing bundle of design work! I love so much about it!!!
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    Re: September 2015 Signature Challenge

    Thanks for hosting. I used Rock the School by Aprilisa Desgins...Love all the excitement of the little ones getting ready and going back to school!!
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    Re: September 2015 Buffet Challenge

    Thanks for hosting!! I used Aprilisa Designs Picnic in the Park and Picture Perfect 102
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    Re: September 2015 reward Challenge thread

    Total Challenges Completed: FOUR

    Brush Challenge

    Buffet Challenge ...
  15. Re: Another Chance to WIN from Little Rad Trio!

    Love the sneak peak! Thanks for the chance!!
  16. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win September Buffet by Connie Prince

    Oh!! LOVE the sneak peek!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
  17. Re: New from JB Studio: That Boy Think Mega Collection - 8 packs for only $7.99!!

    This is an awesome deal. I am surrounded by men and boys in my family and i LOVE these colors. What an amazing price for this bundle!!
  18. Re: September Daily Download: Class Is In by LJS and JB Studio

    Oh wow! Look at this sneak peak! Looks like its going to be amazing! Thanks in advance!!
  19. Re: Freebie! from JB Studio: Let It Go Wordart Cluster

    LOVE this kit!! Thanks for the beautiful gift!
  20. Re: Sneak Peek & a chance to win Dagi's new templates

    Thanks for the chance!!
  21. Re: Freebie! from JB Studio: Goooal Girly Bits

    Wow! This is gorgeous! Thanks for the wonderful gift!
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    Sticky: Re: August 2015 Scraplift Challenge

    Great choice for a lift! Thanks for hosting!
  23. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win from Connie Prince (Project 2015)

    Yeah!! First hints of autumn hit the store!! This sneak peak is getting me excited! Thanks for the chance to win!
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    Sticky: Re: August 2015 Mix It Up Challenge

    Thanks for hosting
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    Sticky: Re: August 2015 Color Challenge

    Thanks for hosting!!
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