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  1. Re: New June This or That Collection - Made In America by Connie Prince

    This is a wonderful collection for the summer holidays!
  2. Re: New June GrabBag - The Last Bell & The Graduate by Connie Prince

    Wow! That is a great graduation collection!
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    Re: Connie Prince - 50% Off iNSD Sale!

    50% off! I LOVE iNSD!
  4. Re: New Project 2013: May Collection by Connie Prince!

    Love the bright colors!
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    Re: Connie Prince's New Releases!

    Wow! You've been a busy girl, Connie! There are lots of goodies here!
  6. Re: New Animal Crackers collection (Farm Friends & Zoo Pals) On Sale Now!

    Awesome collection! I love the variety and the animal print alphas!
  7. Re: Connie Prince - Collection of the Week - We Are Family!

    This is one of my favorites! Great price, too!
  8. Re: Connie Prince has 2 Kits $2 Today Only!

    I have both of these and I love them!
  9. Re: Connie Prince's March GrabBag & March Templatetopia!

    Love that basketball word art!
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    Re: New Releases By Connie Prince

    Wow! The Mega Stash has so many goodies. And I love the colors in the Life is Grand kit!
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    Re: Connie Prince - Guest CT Call

    Good luck to everyone who applies!
  12. Re: Connie Prince's New Playtime, He Plays, She Plays Collections & Bundles!

    Oh my is all so cute....and there is so much to work with!
  13. Re: Connie Prince's Take $2 Tuesday Sale!

    That is some really cute stuff you have on sale!
  14. Re: Day #10 of 12 Days of Christmas Savings!

    i have to go check out the blogware. Making my own is a real struggle!
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    Re: New This Week from Connie Prince!

    I love the Christmas tree in the December kit. And the New Years kit is so pretty with all the sparkle!
  16. Re: Day #9 of 12 Days of Christmas Savings by Connie Prince

    Great sale! Your Christmas kits are so pretty!
  17. Re: Day #7 of 12 Days of Christmas Savings Sale + Collection of the Week by Connie Pr

    Love this kit and this is a great deal!
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