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    Re: Farewell Sale :(

    I am so sad to see you to Jill!!
    Just remember that the door will always be open here :)
    Lots of love <3 <3
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    Re: Username/Password

    Oh good! So glad it is working for you now :) let us know if you have any more troubles :)
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    Re: Favorite Christmas Movie

    My all time favorite is Miracle on 34th Street
    I love that move so much!!
    This year I have been watching a lot of hallmark movies on tv. They are super corny, but I have to admit... I do enjoy...
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    Re: Is December flying by for you too?

    It went by way too fast for me :(
    I was just thinking yesterday how much I love the Christmas tree, it just makes me happy. I don't want to take it down in a week. Booooo
  5. Re: When you need a break from all the holiday stuff :)

    How cool!! That was so fun to watch! Thanks for sharing those.
  6. Re: How's everyone doing Christmas wise? Done, almost? Haven't started?

    Kathy!! That is so cool!!!! I LOVE this idea, I might just snag it to use in the future!! :)

    My parents always hid our stockings, so the "treasure hunt" ideas started there. I have always hid...
  7. Re: How's everyone doing Christmas wise? Done, almost? Haven't started?

    Here is a little look at what I will be printing out, then rolling into a little scroll and wrapping some in little boxes. I used the December Monthly Mix... {insert shameless plug here......
  8. Re: How's everyone doing Christmas wise? Done, almost? Haven't started?

    Totally! I will post later when I'm sitting at my computer :)
  9. Re: How's everyone doing Christmas wise? Done, almost? Haven't started?

    I'm done shopping for my kiddos, but still have to buy for my niece and nephews. Almost everything is wrapped and under the tree :)
    I'm going to do a scavenger hunt for each of their big presents....
  10. Re: Challenge kit used: not found in store (designer is here, kit is not here yet)

    Yes that is totally ok! As long as it is from a current designer, you are welcome to use it!
    Thanks for asking :)
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    Re: Great ending to a lousy day....

    Oh goodness! You poor thing! I hate days like that :(

    I'm glad it ended on a high note!
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    Re: iphone... finally!

    I LOVE my iPhone :)
    I'm a Mac user, so it's great how everything integrates together!

    I have a ton of apps! The one I'm using non stop at this point in time is called The Christmas List. It is...
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    Re: Thanksgiving Plans [?]

    This year will be an odd one for me. My parents are away traveling, my sister and her family are going out of town, and my kiddos have the holiday with their dad this year.
    So I will probably...
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    Re: Survivor anyone??

    We are in between seasons right now.
    The next survivor will be in 2015, and there will be 2 weeks of sign ups before the game starts. :)
    I hope you can join us!!
  15. Re: How long does it take to get a ticket resolved in the store?

    My goal is to answer all support tickets within 48 hours, sometimes I cut it really close..... especially around and following major shop sales and events.
    I just got all caught up on all...
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    Sticky: Re: Gallery Guidlines- From the boss :)

    Also, if you can please post the error you are getting, that would be helpful :)
  17. Re: Time difference... Missed the October Free with Purchase!

    Oh I'm sorry about that.
    Yes we operate in eastern time zone.

    Looks like you missed it by about 30 minutes.
    The front page shop images take about an hour to regenerate with all the new...
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    Sticky: Re: *NEW Reward System* January 2014

    Yes that is totally ok! :)
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    How do YOU scrap?

    I always get stuck, when I finally have time to scrap, I don't know where to start.

    I am an organized person, so I want to scrap in chronological order. But then I look through all my photos and...
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    Re: "Donīt like*

    I don't like when I can't decide which one to buy..... Hehehehe see what I did there ;)
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    Re: I did NOT forget my password!

    Hi rose, I received your message from the contact us, support ticket area.
    I have already replied to you there.
    Can you please read my reply and respond to the support ticket.
    Thank you!
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    Re: My kids need your vote! ;)

    Awe that is so precious!! I miss my babies being little.
  23. Re: Almost the end of the month..... Challenges??

    You all are going to LOVE the August Challenge Reward! If you didn't happen to get enough challenges done to earn it .... keep your eye out for it in the shop soon :)

    And... the September...
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    Re: Download accelerator?

    I wish such a thing would work for me!! I love living in the "country" and having a bit of property... but I WISH I could get faster internet!!
    Someday hopefully they will bring high speed out to...
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    Re: August's Book: The Life List

    I finished the book, and I totally enjoyed it!
    This was not a typical book I would pick.... And that is one of my favorite things about the GS book club!! I always read books that I would not have...
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