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    Re: Just Breathe- By Ginger

    Oh, wow. I'm sitting here bawling at work. I'm so sorry that happened, but so glad you trusted God thru it all. So glad He was there for you and you knew it. Thanks for sharing. Wow. wow.
  2. Re: How to post and link a blinkie in Blogger or any HTML

    Yes, this was totally helpful! I have been wondering and wondering how to link the blinkies to the blog sites of all my fabulous people! Of which you are now one. I have seriously been dying to know...
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    Re: Did you blog today?

    I blogged this weekend, because MY FIRST EVER KIT IS FOR SALE in Bouquet of Pixels. Is that okay to mention here? Cuz if you only want me to mention Ginger Scraps stuff, that's okay. You just gotta...
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