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    1/18/2016 RQOTD Do you have a flag?

    Since it was a National holiday here in the states, I thought I would ask if any of you hang a flag outside your home. It could be just a decorative flag, or a national flag. We have a tiger flag in...
  2. 11/17/2015 RQOTD What's for lunch today?

    We are having nachos. Not healthy or exciting but definitely delicious anyway.
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    I am not dead....

    Sorry about missing the last two questions of the day. Work has been terrible, and there has been lots to do around the house too, so when I would remember something would come up and I would forget...
  4. 01/14/2016 RQOTD Do you watch sports on television?

    My hubby is not a huge sports guy, so I don't have to watch sports that often on tv. When I was younger I did enjoy watching baseball. Go Cubs? Are you a sports fan? If so which?
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    1/13/16 RQOTD Are you tired?

    I am, lol. Rough day at work. No one has a clue what insurance they have or that they have what their plan covers. So much fun in the pharmacy.
  6. 01/12/2016 RQOTD Does your SO ever cook?

    Tonite hubby made dinner. He makes a wonderful spaghetti sauce from scratch. And it is so tasty! And I didn't have to cook either. Yay!
  7. 01/11/2016 RQOTD do you make your bed?

    We pretty much straighten it up, but don't necessarily make it every day. I know some people do, like my mom. I was just wondering about the rest of you.
  8. 01/10/16 RQOTD How do you take your coffee?

    I have mine with cream and sugar. I can't get used to just black. How about you?
  9. 01/09/2016 RQOTD What's on your DVR?

    What are you watching? We have a lot of WWII shows dvr'd right now. We also have quite a few sitcoms like Modern family, Life in Pieces, Black-ish, Big Bang Theory to name a few. We also like...
  10. 01/08/2015 RQOTD Do you ever play the lottery?

    And if you won, what would you buy? We always play the same numbers every week, but never win! But gosh darn it, we will one day! lol And when we do, we will pay off our bills, and quit my job, and...
  11. 01/07/2015 RQOTD what's on your pizza?

    You are ordering pizza. What kind do you get? Remember this is the kind YOU want. You don't have to worry about anyone else. I would get a deep dish cheese and sausage.
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    Re: 01/06/2016 RQOTD favorite layout 2015

    You can pick more than one!!!! lol I could never pick one!!!
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    01/06/2016 RQOTD favorite layout 2015

    Time to toot your own horn. Show us your favorite layouts of 2015!!! Link us up if it is in the gallery here so that we can give you some love too! I will be back with mine later when I am not on my...
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    01/05/2015 RQOTD House plants

    Do you have any? I have a few. My favorites are my orchids. They are about five years old and are at the point where they bloom three times a year. The first two years nothing. At least I was patient...
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    1/04/2015 RQOTD Pop

    So where you are from do you call, soda: soda, pop, coke?
    I call it pop.
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    01/03/2016 RQOTD are you handy?

    Sorry for the late post. My brother In law is visiting and hubby and he have decided to some projects around the house. Sadly they are not handy at all. The toilet and sink have been leaking all day...
  17. Re: Do you have any scrapping goals for 2016?

    haha no worries!
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    Re: January 2016 Inspiration Challenge
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    Re: January 2016 Buffet Challenge
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    Sticky: Re: january 2016 reward Challenge thread

    Total Challenges Completed: 3

    Brush Challenge

    Buffet Challenge

    Color Challenge

    Daily Download Challenge
  21. Re: Do you have any scrapping goals for 2016?

    You stole my RQOTD for tomorrow, lol. Every year I want to do 600 pages. And every year I make close to 500, so 500 it is!
  22. 01/02/2016 RQOTD what makes your layouts uniquely you?

    Do you think if someone saw a page in the gallery without credits or your username, would you know who scrapped it? I don't think anyone can figure out my pages in the gallery, lol:D So besides the...
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    Re: 2016 Files

    Oh and my 2016 album probably won't start for several days since I am still uploading 2015 layouts
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    Re: 2016 Files

    I keep all my stuffs in store folders. I find that this is the easiest for me since I do so much CT work I go to store then designer. I organized this way when I was mainly a shopper too. All my...
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    Re: January 2016 Template Challenge #1

    Awesome template! Can't wait to make a page
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