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    Sticky: Mix it Up Challenge Oct15

    Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics here to present you with this month's Mix It Up Challenge. I'm going to tell you a number of elements you need to have in your layout... put them in and that is...
  2. Re: Night Owl Happenin's for Fri Sept 25 10EST

    What time will the chat be at? Is it the 10 p.m. et or are you moving it slightly earlier?
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    Re: Layouts from tracey's 4.p.m. Chat

    Wow, you guys rocked the layouts! And I love seeing my kits in a few of them!!! I'll be PMing download links tomorrow to a new cluster for y'all. And if that cluster lands in a kit, I'll coupon you...
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    Layouts from tracey's 4.p.m. Chat

    Place 4 squares around 4" in size in formation in center of page.

    Place frame with photo or just photo in very center of squares.

    Add titling or journaling or both in bottom right square.
  5. Re: Scrapping Survivor 6 *Lost At Sea* {WINNERS!!!}

    Big congrats to the winners this year! Beautiful layouts!!!
  6. Re: Yo Ho Ho Ginger- and a Pirates life at sea....

    Loved being challenged in new ways with my scrapping and meeting and enjoying more people around our site here. Great fun being part of this Survivor. Funny thing is each week I thought to myself,...
  7. Re: Week 5 - {The Battle} *Tribal Council*

    Journaling: Having Taylor was a dream finally realized. My first 12-year marriage ended when I pushed us having kids. To quote...
  8. Re: Week 4 - {A Day in Your Life} *Tribal Council*


    Journaling: feed...
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    Re: Week 3 - {Booty} *Tribal Council*

  10. Re: Moving on to Week 3 - {The Contestants} *I Survived!*

    Congratulations to all those moving on! This was not easy choosing when it came to voting. I had to not vote for lots of layouts and journaling in those letters that I liked because I could only vote...
  11. Re: Week 2 - {Message in a Bottle} *Tribal Council*

    Link to Gallery:...
  12. Re: What do you prefer... themed kits or more general kits?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts (and your compliments) and this subject. I will always be a theme designer as for me it is the only way to make a kit truly mine. But I am grateful for some of the...
  13. Re: Week 1 - {Shiver Me Timbers} *Q&A Thread*

    Animals dressed as pirates. Does this only mean real animals or does also include all the animals found in kits?
  14. Re: Week 1 - {Shiver Me Timbers} *Tribal Council*

    Used Lost at Sea Collab by the Gingerbread Ladies, On the Sea Pirate Elements by B2N2 Scraps and Stamp Alpha by Clever Monkey Graphics.

    Shiver me timbers! Ye be asking a few too...
  15. Sticky: Re: Scrapping Survivor *Lost At Sea* {SIGN UP HERE}

    I've watched this as a designer for a couple years now... but this year I'll give it a try. Of course ya'all might make me walk the plank might quick! LOL
  16. What do you prefer... themed kits or more general kits?

    I'm very much a theme designer because then I can really put what I do well into the creation of a kit. But I always try to have lots of non-theme elements to allow for alternative uses with my kits....
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    Re: How do you start a layout?

    More often than not I have a kit I want to use and search for photos that work with it. Photo placement is first for me though it might change a bit as I go... some elements next and testing of...
  18. AT THE PLAYGROUND - by Clever Monkey Graphics

    Introducing my newest product: AT THE PLAYGROUND
    Created in bright primary colors and filled with my own...
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    September 2015 Word Art Challenge

    Hi, Tracey from Clever Monkey Graphics here. This month I am hosting the Word Art Challenge. Create a layout using the word art shown below. Either click the image to be taken to a dropbox download...
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    Re: ISO Maple Syrup/Sapping kit!

    Just talked with Trina and this will be the next kit I create. :)
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    Freebee for you... Mother's Day

    I spotted a little quotation I liked and created a typography freebee for ya'all. It comes on a white journal card, on it's own, or as an ABR brush. Enjoy!
    Download from dropbox HERE

    Here is...
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    Re: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

    Woot woot! I got the first layout! LOL LOL Wonderful mix of black and white with the color and love love love that photo of you and your niece!
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    Re: ISO Maple Syrup/Sapping kit!

    Recorded your ideas down ladies!
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    Re: ISO Maple Syrup/Sapping kit!

    Yup, kit is in my plans.
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    Re: ISO Maple Syrup/Sapping kit!

    Trina, are there particular birds and animals you are likely to see while hanging out with the maple trees?
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