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  1. Re: Feb 7 RQOTD: Will you be watching the Super Bowl today?

    Watching bc hubby will but probably scrapping while watching or hoping to be scrapping. I am in it for the commercials. Not pulling for any particular team. I do like Michael Orr from Blind Side...
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    Re: looking for a kit

    Any particular colors you are looking for? This sounds like fun! I can work on this for you.
  3. ~NEW~ Template Crazy Volume 10 by Leaving a Legacy Designs

    Template Crazy Volume 10 went photo crazy! I love taking a lot of photos and hate deleting them. I have the solution for you. If you don't take a ridiculous amount of photos like me don't let...
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    Re: 1/13/16 RQOTD Are you tired?

    I am today bc I stayed up too late tonight but usually not much anymore. I started doing Plexus and it has helped me sleep 100% better now. I take Plexus slim (drink not a meal replacement which...
  5. Re: 01/12/2016 RQOTD Does your SO ever cook?

    My hubby can cook and helps me cook sometimes but I usually cook since my kids are starving and we like to eat as soon as hubby gets home from work. I work from home and it is just easier for me to...
  6. Re: 01/14/2016 RQOTD Do you watch sports on television?

    My hubby and boys love to watch the San Antonio Spurs Basketball team as well as Virginia Tech Basketball and Football. Hubby watches college and pro football as well as golf so yeah sports are on...
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    Re: 1/04/2015 RQOTD Pop

    Coke! I sometimes say soda but usually its coke although I don't/can't drink it anymore :(
  8. Get Your Step On Quickpages and Bundle plus a freebie!

    It is time to get those new resolutions in gear and I am here to help you! I have created a set quickpages to go along with my Get Your Step On kit. A perfect way to help you scrap your journey to...
  9. Be Cool Buffet Collection and a freebie!

    50% off through the 5th as part of the GS Buffet. Today is the last day to grab this adorable penguin and his goofy friend.
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    January 2016 Scraplift Challenge

    Welcome to the first scraplift challenge of 2016, I am Kimberly of Leaving a Legacy Designs. January is a great time to get started on your scrapping for 2016. Do you have scrapping resolutions? I...
  11. Re: 12/21/2015 RQOTD Do you have a nickname?

    My husband calls me babe but no other nicknames really
  12. Re: 12/02/2015 RQOTD what was the last movie you saw at the movie theater?

    Mockingjay 2 in IMAX! It was awesome! :)
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    Re: 11/21/15 RQOTD Do you like musicals?

    Love them! I was so excited when I got to see Wicked on Broadway for our anniversary and then Mary Poppins. Les Mis here in San Antonio, Wicked again, Phantom of the Opera is an all time favorite. ...
  14. Re: Aside from gifts etc, what is your favourite part of the holidays?

    I love the is full of ornaments from our childhood as well as our many trips. Instead of souvenirs we buy ornaments from our destinations. We have ornaments from Paris, Trips to Disney,...
  15. Re: gift hard this year!

    My son is 11 and he is asking for a tablet but he insists it has to be a Samsung 10" like his Grandma's...welp we don't spend more than about $200 on each kid. Santa brings one BIG gift, then a few...
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    Re: Do your (young) kids have chores?

    We do commission around here. My boys are 11 and 5. The 11 year old has some chores that he gets paid for: cleaning his bathroom, cleaning up after dinner, taking out trash, entering coke codes...
  17. Re: Nov 8 Speed Scrap with Leaving a Legacy Designs!

    Thanks again ladies for joining me! I am sending out coupons now and leaving love. I had fun. I hope to do more speed scraps in the future here at GS so look for them. :)
  18. Re: 11/6 Night Owl - DSD {SLOW} Scrap Edition with Simple Girl Scraps! 10pm EST
  19. Nov 8 Speed Scrap with Leaving a Legacy Designs!


    Join me in the chat room and here for a fun speed scrap. Instructions posted here and in the chat room! :36_1_33:

    Prize for those...
  20. Re: 11-6 CHAT 9 pm EST Chat with me and win a meeelion dollahs

    Thanks for hosting tonight! :)
  21. Thread: Minecraft

    by Kimberly27

    Re: Minecraft

    Mine is on the back burner since they are collabing. :) I can't wait to see it ladies :)
  22. Re: RQOTD-which is your favorite Disney character?

    Love them all! I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan....Piglet is my favorite! :)
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    Re: RQOTD~Do you have any siblings

    Middle child here....younger sister and an older brother. Sister is about a year younger and my brother is 7 years older.
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    Re: 10/24/15 RQOTD-do you do your nails?

    I get a pedicure almost monthly but rarely do my fingernails. I got into Jamberry for a while so I use them on my nails sometimes. I like to have my nails done but I pick at them or they peel. ...
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    Re: Bakers' Best 9/20 - 9/26
    I am in love with this cutie from Sheri Catherine!!!
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