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  1. NEW Releases from Loucee Creations!

    New releases from Loucee Creations!
  2. NEW! {Gone Hiking} by Clever Monkey Graphics!

    Gone Hiking? Climb a mountain? (And I don't mean Everest) How about exploring a cool cavern? Maybe geocaching with the kids? Taken a drive to explore the amazing vistas at mountain tops, The Grand...
  3. NEW! {Poolside Pals} by Wimpychompers Creations!

    Summertime is hot and it's always important to have a way to cool down. This kit is fun for a hot day spent with friends.
  4. NEW! {License To Grill} by Magical Scraps Galore!

    Summer is here so get your grill on! License to Grill is the ultimate summer cookout collection, packed with everything you need to document a good old fashioned BBQ, family gatherings, tailgate...
  5. NEW! {Oh So Sassy} by Little Rad Trio!

    Every girl needs to have a little bit of sass in their life.
  6. NEW! {Captured Moments} by Tinci Designs!

    New this week from Tinci Designs!
  7. NEW! {Family Heritage} by Jocee Designs!

    Researching our family history, creating memories for future generations to have, showing them how we lived is so very much a part of what we do when we scrapbook.
    Family Heritage is now available...
  8. NEW templates from Neverland Scraps!

    New this week from Neverland Scraps!
  9. NEW! {With A Capital T} by Designs by Mandy King!

    New collection from Mandy King!
  10. NEW! {All Year-June} by Aprilisa Designs!

    New collection this week from Aprilisa Designs!
  11. NEW! {It's A Beautiful Day} by Pixelily Designs!

    New collection {It's A Beautiful Day} by Pixelily Designs!
  12. Replies

    New kits from Lyndsay Riches!

    New this week from Lyndsay Riches!
  13. NEW! {Enjoy The Little Things} by Keley Designs and Neia Scraps!

    New this week from Keley Designs is a collab with Neia Scraps! {Enjoy The Little Things} is perfect for your everyday pictures!
  14. NEW! {Once Upon A Time} by Jocee Designs!

    Who does not love a fairytale with Princes, Princesses, Knights in shining armour, Dragons to slay and Frogs to kiss?
    Highlight all of your fairytale fun with this cute colour coordinated kit in...
  15. Re: "Just For Kicks" Sneak Peek & a Chance to Win from BoomersGirl Designs!

    Thanks for the chance to win! My son's girlfriend plays soccer so this kit is perfect!
  16. NEW! {Be Still} collection by Ooh La La Scraps!

    New this week from Ooh La La Scraps!
  17. NEW! {What's Your Angle?} templates by Little Rad Trio!

    A set of four layered templates available in .psd, .tif, .png and .page formats.
  18. NEW! {Destinations:Road Trip} by Magical Scraps Galore!

    Are we there yet? Road Trip is the first installment in the Destinations collection, designed to document your road trip adventures and highway memories. The beautiful retro color palette, and the...
  19. NEW! {Pieces of Pie} templates by Jocee Designs!

    Digital scrapbooking layout templates to assist in creating memories in a matter of moments.
    When you are on a deadline and you need to get your layouts done asap these Pieces of Pie Templates will...
  20. New template grab bag and individual packs from Tinci Designs!

    New templates from Tinci Designs!
  21. Re: "Slam Dunk" Sneak Peek & a Chance to Win!

    Lori, another must have!!! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Fav colors are royal blue and white!
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    NEW! {A Magic Carpet Ridge}

    Hop on A Magic Carpet Ride and discover a whole new world ... Inspired by the enchanted story of Aladdin and Jasmine, and in dazzling vibrant colors with lots of gold accents, this opulent...
  23. NEW! {Be Bold} by Jocee Designs!

    Be colorful, be strong, BE BOLD is a colorful and empowering digital scrapbooking kit to show off all your strengths and empowering moments and feelings.
  24. NEW! {All Year May} by Aprilisa Designs!

    Available now at Gingerscraps!
  25. Re: "Monstrous Fun" Sneak Peek & a Chance to Win from BoomersGirl Designs

    Thanks for the chance to win Lori! Looks adorable!
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