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  1. Re: "Magic Moments" Sneak Peek & a Chance to Win! From BoomersGirl Designs

    This looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win it! I love your kits!
  2. Re: Connie Prince Welcome Autumn 40% off Sale (9/24-9/30)

    These sales make my wish list disappear so much faster!
  3. Re: New Release - Project 2015 October -- By Connie Prince

    LOVE when Connie releases these monthly kits!
  4. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Shake It Off and Hues Silver Celebration)

    Love the bright colors in Shake It Off - and now I have that song stuck in my head - LOL :)
  5. Re: Retiring Products Sale from Connie Prince

    So many awesome goodies in here!
  6. Re: New Release - Travelogue New York -- By Connie Prince

    What a great kit to scrap our trips to the City to see some Broadway shows!
  7. Re: New Release - Template Bundle -- By Connie Prince

    Love Connie's templates! Here are 2 layouts using this bundle:
  8. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (College Bound & 30 Days of Thankful)

    What awesome kits for a great deal!
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    Re: Bakers' Best 8/30 - 9/5

    Thanks so much Ricki!!
  10. Re: New Release - Soccer Time - By Connie Prince

    Love this kit!
  11. Re: New Release - Buffet -- Nature Walk -- by Connie Prince

    Love this kit - so many great elements in here!
  12. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Feels Like Home & Heartfully Yours)

    Love the colors in these kits!
  13. Re: Sneak Peek of TWO New Kits & a Chance to Win from BoomersGirl Designs!

    LOVE your kits and these both look awesome! Unfortunately my little one is too little for the graduation one so I would love to have Ticket to Paradise! Thanks for the chance to win!!
  14. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win from Connie Prince

    Oooh!!! I LOVE Connie's templates! Thanks for the chance to win them!!
  15. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win from Connie Prince

    The colors look awesome - thanks for the chance to win!!
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 12/21-12/27 Vote!

    Thank you so much!!!
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    Re: Baker's Best 12/21-12/27

    Thanks so much, Elizabeth! You really made my day!!
  18. Poll: Re: LOTW 10/12-10/18 VOTE! Winner will be announced 11/9!

    Thank you so much!!! :)
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    Re: Baker's Best 10/12-10/18

    Thank you SO much Helene! You made my day!!
  20. Re: OK- Em...Now show ME, some multi- photo pages.....

    I have a lot in my gallery - I too put lots on my pages (most are personal ones that I don't share online but I have a bunch for CT stuffs). Here are a couple:
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