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  1. Re: Connie Prince Take 2 Tuesday (Melancholy & Love You Latte)

    Woohoo!! I love Tuesdays!!!
  2. Re: Connie Prince Welcome Autumn 40% off Sale (9/24-9/30)

    I love a good sale! :)
  3. Re: New Release - Project 2015 October -- By Connie Prince

    Love this collection!
  4. Replies

    Dumb Question.

    I logged on to the store today and it says Mr. Makeesha O'Brien. MR.? For whatever reason that is REALLY annoying me today-lol. How do I fix that? I clicked on "my account" directly under my name...
  5. Re: Retiring Products Sale from Connie Prince

    Eeek! Need to get these before they are GONE!!!
  6. Re: New Release - Travelogue New York -- By Connie Prince

    Love the colors of the Travelogue series.
  7. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince {Hues} True Blue & Glorious Green

    I love Tuesdays!
  8. Re: New Release - Template Bundle -- By Connie Prince

    Love this new bundle of templates!
  9. Re: New Release - Soccer Time - By Connie Prince

    Love this kit!!!
  10. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Feels Like Home & Heartfully Yours)

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