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  1. New kit Vintage Romance by Ruby Lane Designs, and a new kit freebie

    Good morning!

    Today on my blog:
    As part of the Funky Playground Design's January Playgroup, Ruby Lane has just released her new kit Vintage Romance:
  2. New blog post: Dale Chihuly, glass sculptor, and a freebie

    Dale Chihuly: His work is bold and colorful, incredibly detailed and at a very large scale: glass forests and flowers, seafoam and jellyfish inspired pieces. His body of work is impressive - and it...
  3. New blog post: Camille Claudel (1864-1943) and a freebie

    Camille Claudel was Auguste Rodin's (1840-1917) student, muse, lover, model, partner, friend, admirer, and collaborator. And so much more. She was a sculptor in her own right, a rebel for her time,...
  4. New blog post: My favorite kits and a freebie

    On my blog today, my favorite kits in the market and part 1 of 3 kit giveaway (today you get the elements, tomorrow the papers and Wednesday the QPs).
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    Lee Krasner (1908-1984) and a freebie

    On my blog today, snippets about artist Lee Krasner, her life and her art. And, of course, a freebie:
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    Jackson Pollock (1912-1956), and a freebie

    Today on my blog, a new article in my series Snippets. This time about artist Jackson Pollock. And, as always, a freebie.

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    My favorite kits and a freebie

    Today on my blog, a review of my favorite kits on the market right now, and a freebie.
  8. What I found under my Christmas tree, and a freebie

    Today on my blog:
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    Funky Club vol.1 wk 16, LOTD and a freebie

    Today on my blog I review the last mini from Funky Club vol.1, the LOTD is by Claudio and as a freebie I have the papers of a new kit giveaway (elements will be available for download on Monday).
  10. Tips and Tricks: Inspiration boards: Do you have a plan for that layout?, freebie

    Today on my blog.
  11. Tips and Tricks: When bad photo editing choices happen to good layouts + LOTD + free

    Today on my blog...

  12. Tips and Tricks: Photobooks: Show me the layout! and a freebie

    Today, on my blog.

  13. New kit Mouse Tales by River Rose and a freebie

    On my blog today:
    1. New kit Mouse Tales by River Rose
    2. Sneak Peek of Ruby Lane's new 365/52 collection Every Day Matters
    3. LOTD
    4. Part 2 of my full kit giveaway

  14. Part 1 of my full kit freebie giveaway and LOTD

    On my blog today!

  15. New kit shades of red, LOTD by Photocowgirl and a freebie

    Today on my blog.

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    My favorite kits, LOTD and a freebie

    All on my blog today!
  17. New kit Emma Loves Christmas by M. Batton, LOTD and a freebie

    On my blog today - thank you for looking!
  18. New kit Winter Fantasy, LOTD and a QP freebie...

    Ellasspace made LOTD on my blog with her LO Reindeer using the kit Winter Fern by Hornbuckle Designs; review of the new kit Winter Fantasy by Lisete Scrap and a QP freebie....
    Just follow this link...
  19. I am one of the World's Top Design Bloggers according to and a freebie!

    You can read all about it AND get a QP freebie on my blog (click on MY BLOG under my siggy).
    Come celebrate with me!

    Thank you!
  20. New CU Products by Ruby Lane, Publication Call and a QP freebie

    On my blog today!
  21. California Dreamin - The Papers, 75% off coupon and a freebie

    On my blog...follow the link under my siggy.

    Thank you!
  22. Something Like love by Seven Dayz Designs, Funky Days and a Freebie!

    New post on my blog!
  23. New Blog Post: Happy Christmas by Ruby Lane and a freebie!
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