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    December 2014 Color Challenge

    Hi and welcome to the December color challenge! Since a lot of us are starting to get colder weather, I thought it would be fun to scrap the color blue. Here are some wintery/blue kits for...
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    November Word Art Challenge

    Happy November! Since this tends to be a month of giving thanks, I came up with a word art with that in mind. Just incorporate it into a layout to complete the challenge. I hope you will find it...
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    Brush Challenge - October 2014

    Hi and Welcome to the October Brush Challenge! I have a themed brush for this month that I hope you will like :) Feel free to recolor, texture, etc. I look forward to seeing how you use it!
  4. September 2014 - Mix it Up Challenge

    Hi everyone! I'm hosting this month's Mix it Up Challenge and I think I have a fun and easy challenge for you :) This time of year is a transition from summer to fall for a lot of us. So, let's scrap...
  5. Re: Designer Spotlight Challenge - August 2014

    I am back home and my store is turned on now :) So sorry for the delay! Thank you for your patience.
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