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  1. 11/30/15 RQOTD Hot or cold weather?

    I prefer cold only because I can always put more clothes on. Taking more clothes off is not always an option. :DBut seriously if could actually find somewhere it was 73 degrees year around, I would...
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    Re: Windows 10 extraction

    I use a free share ware program called extract all. It is a drag and drop program that allows me to extract multiple files at a time. I have done twenty at once.
  3. 11/29/2015 RQOTD what program do you scrap with?

    I scrap with PSE 6. I have PSE 10 as well but couldn't get used to it so I just use 6. I am a creature of habit I suppose. Who else uses elements? What version do you have? If not elements then what...
  4. 11/28/2015 RQOTD do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

    I am going to hijack Ginger's question from the other day!:shh I think my favorite Christmas movie is the Ref with Denis Leary and Kevin Spacey. It is almost an unChristmas movie because it is about...
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Wherever you are, whether you celebrate or not, have a fabulous day!
  6. 11/26/2015 RQOTD What are you thankful for?

    It's Thanksgiving here in the states, so what better day to share what you are thankful for? I am thankful for my little family. It's just hubby and me and the kitties but I wouldn't trade it for the...
  7. Re: 11/24/15 RQOTD Snow, love it or leave it?

    I remember this one time I was driving in a BLIZZARD and it was coming down so hard that my windshield wipers were not keeping my windshield clean and then the snow started freezing to my windshield....
  8. Re: 11/24/15 RQOTD Snow, love it or leave it?

    That's why you love it, lol
  9. 11/25/2015 RQOTD What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

    Are you hosting this year or traveling. I have to work all day today so traveling is out of the question. It is just me and my husband this year. I will be making a turkey breast with some sides. I...
  10. 11/24/15 RQOTD Snow, love it or leave it?

    It snowed this weekend where I live. We got a few inches. Everything looked so pretty all covered in white. And then we had to clean it up. And it got slushy and messy and not so good looking. So...
  11. 11/23/2015 RQOTD Does your username have any significance?

    How did you pick your username? Dies it have any special meaning?

    My my username comes from the fact that I used to have ferrets, hence I was a weaselwatchr. I can pretty much guarantee that no...
  12. 11/22/2015 RQOTD what is your favorite cartoon/comic or cartoon character?

    I have always loved Snoopy. When I was little I had a stuffed snoopy that went everywhere with me. When the cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes came out, I also enjoyed that one. I remember reading...
  13. 11/21/15 RQOTD Do you like musicals?

    So last night my husband and I started watching Sound of Music. He had never seen it, never wanted to see it, and I probably have seen it twenty times. I was surprised that we made it through as far...
  14. Re: 11/12/2015 RQOTD How many photos are in your phones camera roll?

    I worry about everything. I think I have four back ups at least, lol
  15. Re: 11/12/2015 RQOTD How many photos are in your phones camera roll?

    I downloaded the onedrive app to my phone and it automatically backs up my photos online.
  16. 11/19/2015 RQOTD Do you templates for your layouts?

    I would have to say 95% of all my pages are template scrapped. I just find it easier. What about you, templates or your own designs?
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    Re: 11/17/2015 RQOTD Bond, James Bond

    i have different favorite ones depending on the actor. Casino Royale is my fave Craig and GoldenEye is my favorite Brosnan. Connery is difficult to narrow down.

    what did you think of SPECTRE?
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    Re: Calling out all you SUGAR COOKIES!!!!

    The sugar cookies are awesome!!!
  19. Re: Happy Hump day!!! (best TV night of the week IMO!) How's your week going?

    I hate Wednesdays. It is my twelve hour day at work which usually turns into a thirteen hour day. Blah.
  20. 11/18/2015RQOTD How much does gasoline cost where you live?

    When I was driving home yesterday I noticed that gasoline was $1.91 a gallon. That is the first time in a long time that it was under $2. In Hawaii it was $3.05 about two weeks ago. How much is it...
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    Re: 11/17/2015 RQOTD Bond, James Bond

    I really liked the movie. It gave some nice background and pretty much closed up the Daniel Craig as James Bond series. No spoilers, but he is not coming back as Bond, and I think they ended it...
  22. Re: 11/15/15 RQOTD Do you remember your dreams in the mornings?

    Sounds pretty normal to me. I have also dreamt that my pipes were leaking downstairs and instead of them leaking water, tropical birds were flying out from the pipes. So alligators under the rugs...
  23. Re: 11/15/15 RQOTD Do you remember your dreams in the mornings?

    Hahaha! I am a badass too, lol. I dreamt I stole money from the cartel one time. It was a bag full of money. Lots of money, and there was a car chase. And I think I got away because the last thing...
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    11/17/2015 RQOTD Bond, James Bond

    Any one here like the Bond movies? Have a favorite or a favorite Bond? We are about to go see SPECTRE and I am excited. I will be back with the answer to my question after the show.
  25. Re: 11/16/15 RQOTD I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Or do you?

    For whatever reason I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but lemon is great.
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