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  1. Aside from gifts etc, what is your favourite part of the holidays?

    Just curious as to what your favourite part of the holidays are. All aside from gifts, shopping etc.

    I think one of my favourite things is the quiet lull on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed....
  2. Thread: RQOTD

    by JustTrace

    Re: RQOTD

    I had to spill the beans to my son last year after Christmas. He was still right into believing and he was 13. I hated doing it, but he was being bullied so bad at school and I didn't want him to be...
  3. Re: 11/28/2015 RQOTD do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

    TOO many! LOL...

    I love One Magic Christmas, Elf, The Muppets Christmas Carol, White Christmas, and The Santa Clause series.

    I also love Charlie Brown Christmas and the Year Without A Santa...
  4. Re: Black Friday - Cyber Monday 50% Off Sale and FWP from Connie Prince

    What a great deal!!! Thank you!
  5. Re: 11/26/2015 RQOTD What are you thankful for?

    I am thankful that I have a healthy family and two beautiful kids. A husband who works so very hard to let me stay home (for now) and puts a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

    I am...
  6. Re: RQOTD - Did you go Black Friday Shopping? Get any fabulous deals?

    The deals here weren't much different than a regular weekend sale. We are waiting for Boxing Day deals because they are usually 75-80% off most items.

    I did go out and get something from Toys R...
  7. Re: gift hard this year!

    I usually only spend that too Tammy. This year, I've pretty much gone above it though obviously! LOL
  8. Re: gift hard this year!

    In our house growing up, if we didn't write our list, we were told that we'd get what our parents think we want/need and usually that was clothes or undies. LOL...

    I hear you though. :(
  9. Re: 11/24/15 RQOTD Snow, love it or leave it?

    We live in the snow belt. I live between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie so we usually get slammed from lake effect on either side.

    This year they say mild winter. Last year was brutal. I love...
  10. Re: 11/25/2015 RQOTD What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

    Since my Thanksgiving was last month, I will be watching the Macy's Parade on TV and then the Dog show. Those are my "It's the US's Thanksgiving/kickoff to the holidays" traditions. :)

    I love the...
  11. Re: gift hard this year!

    So, my generous, wonderful FIL sent me a letter with money in it to get my kid his PS4. :) He loves to make his grandkids happy. I can't wait to see Adam's face.
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    Re: 11/21/15 RQOTD Do you like musicals?

    LOOOOVE Them!! I did musical theatre all through high school and in college. I was Peppermint Patty in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, I was Rizzo in Grease, and I was Kanga in Winnie the Pooh. :)...
  13. Re: 11/22/2015 RQOTD what is your favorite cartoon/comic or cartoon character?

    I love the Peanuts. My fave is Woodstock. I have books and Christmas ornaments and all the get the idea.

    When I was 5, my dad used to read me the comics from the newspaper every...
  14. Re: 11/23/2015 RQOTD Does your username have any significance?

    My real name is Tracy. NOBODY calls me that, ever. I get called Trace. (like Trace on the paper) There were 7 Tracy's in my 4th grade class, so I started using my nickname and it's been like that...
  15. Re: 11/19/2015 RQOTD Do you templates for your layouts?

    My own 99% of the time. I only use templates when required by my designers.
  16. Re: gift hard this year!

    I Heart you Marie..thanks for checking. They are the same here plus tax...
  17. Re: gift hard this year!

    6 year old doesn't know about money spent. She will have more gifts than him to open. yes, unfortunately it is about that every Christmas. Stuff here is expensive. The toys Isis wants are between 40...
  18. Re: gift hard this year!

    We don't go overboard on birthdays. More laid back. One thing and dinner out at their choice of restaurant. DH was raised to have to earn half of everything he wanted (his parents would match him...
  19. gift hard this year!

    SO my son is 14. A great kid, does his best in school and helps out a lot at home. He is starting to get a *bit* of attitude but for the most part, it's just a little eye roll here and there because...
  20. Re: 11/18/2015RQOTD How much does gasoline cost where you live?

    W are paying 94cents/litre. It was down a bit to 84 but went back up.
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    Re: Do your (young) kids have chores?

    Clever girl!!! :clap:

    We give our kids' allowance too but it's monthly. Adam gets 40.00 month (he's 14) and he does a lot for it. (he also cleans dog poop and feeds/waters the dog :) ) He is...
  22. Happy Hump day!!! (best TV night of the week IMO!) How's your week going?

    I love Wed. Middle of the week, great TV night....almost Friday! :36_1_11:

    We've had a busy few weeks so this one is a bit calmer. It's been nice to be home and not having to rush out anywhere...
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    Re: Tell me about your phone...

    IT's going on MY Christmas list! :)

    FTR, this is my first 3 pager thread!!! WOOT! :yell
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    Re: Do your (young) kids have chores?

    Oh, and don't even get me started on having a babysitter leave crap all"m not anal or a clean freak but that drives me crazy!
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    Re: Do your (young) kids have chores?

    I agree Tam!!! My kids are also taught to say Please and Thank you (my DH is a huge stickler for manners!) and they are both pretty good remembering. I want my kids to be able to be responsible and...
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