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    Re: Getting rid of Jaggies!

    If you want to just check and see if you have jaggies, add a 'Stroke', in red, to your image. If there are any strays, the red stroke will cause them to stand out. Just erase them! Then, turn off the...
  2. Thread: not sure...

    by suruha

    Re: not sure...

    If you do find you are using a font without punctuation, when you get to the spot, change the font to a regular font, like Arial, type the punctuation, then, change the font back to what you were...
  3. Re: Long shot - anyone else here vegan or vegetarian?

    I like to roast veggies, too, in olive oil and a little sea salt. I squeeze lemon juice over a serving and it is the manna of the gods! LOL I use lemon juice as a seasoning for a lot of things. On...
  4. Re: Sneak Peek & Chance to Win my August Buffet!

    GESSO!! LOL I love what I see! But, there is not much of Jill's I don't. Thank you for an awesome opportunity! Good luck to ya'll!
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    A Lady in Florida

    Hello, Gingerscrappers!

    I'm Su and I am an artist, retired, now, who has turned to digital art and scrapbooking. I have Photoshop and have been learning that program for the past few years. I am...
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