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  1. Re: Another Chance to WIN from Little Rad Trio!

    Love the sneak peak! Thanks for the chance!!
  2. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win September Buffet by Connie Prince

    Oh!! LOVE the sneak peek!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
  3. Re: New from JB Studio: That Boy Think Mega Collection - 8 packs for only $7.99!!

    This is an awesome deal. I am surrounded by men and boys in my family and i LOVE these colors. What an amazing price for this bundle!!
  4. Re: September Daily Download: Class Is In by LJS and JB Studio

    Oh wow! Look at this sneak peak! Looks like its going to be amazing! Thanks in advance!!
  5. Re: Freebie! from JB Studio: Let It Go Wordart Cluster

    LOVE this kit!! Thanks for the beautiful gift!
  6. Re: Sneak Peek & a chance to win Dagi's new templates

    Thanks for the chance!!
  7. Re: Freebie! from JB Studio: Goooal Girly Bits

    Wow! This is gorgeous! Thanks for the wonderful gift!
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    Sticky: Re: August 2015 Scraplift Challenge

    Great choice for a lift! Thanks for hosting!
  9. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win from Connie Prince (Project 2015)

    Yeah!! First hints of autumn hit the store!! This sneak peak is getting me excited! Thanks for the chance to win!
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    Sticky: Re: August 2015 Mix It Up Challenge

    Thanks for hosting
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    Sticky: Re: August 2015 Color Challenge

    Thanks for hosting!!
  12. Re: JB Studio's Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win! Aug 14

    Wow!!Another kit that will be good for boys!! Thanks for your generosity. ITs a gorgeous sneak peak!!
  13. Re: Sneak Peek & a chance to win from Dagi's Temp-tations

    96 here!! Yes its HOT HOT HOT!! Thanks for the chance. Love your templates!!
  14. Re: Moving on to Week 4 - {The Contestants} *I Survived!*

    It was a blast!! Thank you again Ginger for all your hard work. I look forward to keeping up with all the goings on, too good to miss!! Congrats to all of you talented ladies that made it through!!
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    Re: Free Wordart Cluster by JB Studio

    Love your kit choice for your sale this week! Thank you for the pretty cluster too!!
  16. Re: Pick and win your favorites from Dagi's Temp-tations!

    This is really hard. Love your templates!! I LOVE pocket scrapping so I would love to add these to my stash!! thanks for your generosity and the chance to win!!...
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    Re: Week 3 - {Booty} *Tribal Council*
    Journaling: If these poor pirates only knew!
    they actually think having gold and precious gems can bring them happiness and...
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    Re: *Lost At Sea* Week 3 {IMMUNITY}

    Pmd words and uploaded card!! Thanks Ginger!!!
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    Re: *Lost At Sea* Week 3 {IMMUNITY}

    We need to upload our bingo card to the gallery???
  20. Re: Moving on to Week 3 - {The Contestants} *I Survived!*

    Congrats to everyone that competed!! The layouts were fantastic and it was SO hard to choose!! But everyone please keep playing along and voting and chatting. I have made some new friends already and...
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    Re: A little present from Seatrout Scraps

    Thank you So much!! I LOVE them!!
  22. Re: $2 Tuesday from JB Studio on August 4

    Wow!! This is fantastic!! Love the colors and that you get a wonderful set of journal cards with it!! thank you also for the tag set gift!!
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    Re: Ginger!! How Many Get Cut this Week?

    Since I have never played before I was wondering this too!!
  24. Re: Free Spring Reinvented Tags from JB Studio

    i LOVE your page creation from this kit! I always love to see designers pages :-) this kit is awesome and so are the extra journal cards! Thanks so much for your generosity!
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    Re: Week 2 - {Message in a Bottle} *VOTE*

    Got my votes in. So many beautiful talented ladies!! Good luck everyone!!
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