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  1. Re: New Release - Project 2015 December -- Connie Prince

    I can not believe this year is almost over! Here is my page using pieces from this wonderful collection.
  2. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Song of Spring and Fowl Weather)

    I love the colors in Fowl Weather! Can't beat $2 Tuesday deals!
  3. Re: Connie Prince Retiring Products Sale

    I'll definitely be picking some of these up before they retire!
  4. Re: New Release - Template bundle -- by Connie Prince

    You can't beat Connie's template bundles! I'm loving the 'titled' set...and I hope there are more volumes to come!!
  5. Re: DSD New Releases from Connie Prince -- Grabbags, FWP, and Sale!

    WOOHOO! DSD time!! These grab bags are such a wonderful deal!

    Grab Bag #1-Looking Back

    Grab Bag #2-Holiday Happy
  6. Re: 11/06/2015 RQOTD what was your first job?

    My first job was working in the snack bar at the local swimming pool over the summer. It was hot as heck; but it was so much fun! I got to see my friends, swim for free, and just have a blast. I...
  7. Re: Join Connie Prince for Slow Scrap / Chat Today (11/7) at 6 pm ET!

    Wonderful chat prize! Hoping to be there!
  8. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Reading is Fun and Cookie Time)

    Adorable kits!
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    Re: Nov 2015 Buffet Challenge

    I used pieces from Plan On It by Connie Prince.
  10. Re: 10/31/2015 RQOTD - What is your favorite holiday?

    There is something I love about every holiday, but Christmas is probably my favorite. I love the baking, the decorating, the shopping, the holiday music, the movies, and all the fun with my husband...
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    Re: RQOTD: Scary Movies Yes or No?

    It depends...some movies that are scary. NOT the Exorcist type or the psychological thrillers. I watch Walking Dead (although I am a few episodes behind this season), and I like movies like Van...
  12. Re: New Release - Project 2015 November - By Connie Prince

    Another wonderful Project 2015 kit!
  13. Re: October Retiring Products Sale from Connie Prince

    I just picked up some of these! Great sale!
  14. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince (Pretty Pink & Ice Hockey)

    Two of my favorite kits!
  15. Re: New Release - Think Pink by Connie Prince

    This is a beautiful kit.
  16. Re: RQOTD-Do you do any other hobbies besides scrapbooking?

    I love to crochet, pretty much any kind of DIY project (and yes, I do find quite a lot on pinterest!), and I love gardening. Now that's it's getting colder here in PA, I have to plan my next crochet...
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    Re: RQOTD-are you a java junkie??

    I do like coffee; but it has to have sugar and milk or flavored cream. I also love hot tea!
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    Re: Snow??? Really Mother Nature?

    It's pretty cold here in PA, today, but not cold enough for snow thank goodness!
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    Re: RQOTD~Do you have any siblings

    I'm the oldest. I have a brother who is two years younger. We are pretty close, but we are both so busy with our kids so we don't spend much time together. We also have a half-sister who is 12 years...
  20. Re: New Release - 2016 Calendar Templates and Premade Calendars -- By Connie Prince

    These would make wonderful presents for family!!
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    Re: Thank you, Danica!

    I've enjoyed them too! Love GS!!
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    Re: RQOTD? Where would you go?

    Ohhh, Italy would be lovely, too!
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    Re: RQOTD-early bird or night owl?

    I'm so not a morning person. I use to work 2nd shift; and I don't think my body will ever adjust to getting up early.
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    Re: RQOTD? Where would you go?

    I've never been out of the country; so there are so many places I would love to go-Ireland, Australia, England. Hawaii would probably be a great time!
  25. Re: RQOTD~Do you shoot in auto, manual or neither?

    I don't have a huge DSLR camera, but my camera does have the ability to set the settings---I just don't know how! So I shoot in auto 90% of the time! I have tried some other settings; but they never...
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