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  1. Re: Scrapping Memorial Sites / Battlefields, etc.

    Here's one I recently made with a 9-11 site photo.
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    Re: Kiwano Melon

    I really wanted to try Durian in Vietnam but didnt get to do it.
  3. What are your favorite journaling fonts?

    I always use Another Typewriter for the dates on my layouts. That is usually the extent of my journaling. I need to write quite a bit on my next page and I am not liking how that font looks. What...
  4. Re: Spin off: What's the grossest or weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

    There is a place in Vegas called taco el gordo that does have brain, tongue, and misc. organ tacos. I have never tried them but hear they are quite good. Bugs are not for me either, other than...
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    RQOTD May 27 Weekend plans

    It is a holiday here in the states, and for many an extended weekend. Anyone got any plans? I need to live vicariously through you! Sadly I am working all weekend including the holiday which...
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    Re: WHAT IS YOUR......?

    Templates and flowers and leaves, oh my!!!!
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    RQOTD May 23 First job

    What was your first job? How old were you?

    I got got my first job at the age of fifteen. I worked at a greeting card/small gift shop called Potpourri, which it sold as well, imagine that, lol. I...
  8. RQOTD May 22 - how much do your journal on your layouts?

    I have to admit I am not one to journal. I am lucky if I put a date on my page. I am not sure why I don't journal, actually I take that back. I do know. It takes me forever to write something. I...
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    RQOTD May 16th scrapping

    How many photos are generally on your layouts? I usually scrap single photo page. I like the focus to be on one photo. When I paper scrapped it was the opposite. I tried to get as many photos as I...
  10. RQOTD May 13th Are you superstitious?

    Are you afraid if you break a mirror you will have bad luck? How about the number 13? Step on a crack, break your mother's back? Find a penny, and pick it up? Do you have something lucky? I could go...
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    RQOTD may 12th Cupcakes!

    You are going to bake cupcakes. What kind do you make? This is what you want not what everyone else in the house wants. What kind and what flavor icing. And for arguements sake these are virtual...
  12. RQOTD May 11- do you wear a wristwatch?

    I forgot mine at home today. I was in a bit of a hurry this morning. I am sure I will be staring at my wrist all day wondering what time it is. Do you wear one?
  13. May 10th RQOTD What's something everyone does that you just cannot do?

    For the life of me cannot take a selfie. I am a selfie failure. My husband is a pro at this. Even before the age of smart phones, he could flip our little olympus point and shoot around with ease...
  14. RQOTD May 9th: Marvel Avengers yay or nay?

    I have to admit I enjoy the Comic to movie movies! We went to see Civil War and enjoyed it quite much. I think I like the Captain America movies the most followed by Thor movies. Iron Man I could...
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    Re: WHO......?

    I paper scrapped. Actually to clarify I bought a lot of scrapping supplies. I never really scrapped. It's sad I need to sell my stuff but I get overwhelmed. I started digi scrapping when I wanted a...
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    Re: Has Anyone Seen Claudi?

    I am happy that she is ok. Thanks for finding out Susan!
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    Re: DO YOU.......

    I do this when I make freebies but not for my files. That sounds like a good idea. I probably will not remember though, lol
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    Re: I finally bought a camera!

    What kind did you get? Sadly the only time I used my real camera last year was to take moon shots and on my Hawaii trip. I need to use it more
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    Re: Murphy's Law Part 2

    I get to go back to work today. We shall see how it goes. The coughing is down to a minimum.
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    Re: Murphy's Law Part 2

    Thanks ladies for all your well wishes. I have been home from work now for seven days. My cough is down to a minimum now. I am a pharmacist so unfortunately I keep getting exposed to all the ickies.
  21. Re: you keep all file types?

    i just keep the psds.
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    Re: SOB!! ScrapStacks is GONE!

    i have eave more groups too. I need to add them to the list. One of them is Hummies group that I post to since I get comments from her sometimes... I need to figure it out.
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    Re: SOB!! ScrapStacks is GONE!

    I don't do the discussions. I do like and comment on pages though. If you move your cursor over a photo, on the bottom right had corner you will see a star and conversation balloon. To add a layout...
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    What's your favorite salad dressing?

    We just had dinner, salads to be exact. And was wondering what was your favorite salad dressing? My hubby likes ranch, so that is usually what we buy for the house. I like it but I also like...
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    Re: SOB!! ScrapStacks is GONE!

    when I upload my photo, it asks me which albums I want to put it in, and then in the next section, it asks which groups I want to add it to. Once you join a group, it shows up in the groups pull down...
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