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    November 2014 Hybrid Challenge

    It might freak you out a little but it's time to start thinking about your Christmas cards. For this month's challenge I want to see your Christmas cards! I haven't gotten mine done yet but I'll post...
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    Re: Queen Wild Scraps Team Call

    This call is now closed.
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    Re: Are my pages...

    I often have a hard time pinpointing why I like a layout so I just look at it, think "Wow, that's beautiful!" and then move on because those kinds of comments seem so lame to me! I usually only leave...
  4. Re: State of Mind Templates - New Release

    Today is the last day these templates will be 40% off!
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    Re: Queen Wild Scraps Team Call

    Just a few more days for this call!
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    Queen Wild Scraps Team Call
  7. State of Mind Templates - New Release

    I'm loving these template sets and I know you are too. This week I've created templates for the desert states - Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. And they're 40% off through Oct 11 so hurry and...
  8. Re: Magical Scraps Galore now open at GingerScraps! Grand Opening Sale!

    Yay! Welcome to GS!
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    I'm staying!

    I'm so excited that I've been invited to stay here at GingerScraps. I'm planning some fun stuff and a sale for next week so stay tuned! Thanks to all of you for creating such a fun, welcoming place...
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    Re: Week 36: September 03-09, 2014
  11. ATTN: Project Lifers, P52/365 - New Templates!

    It's almost October and that means it's time for The Good Life Vol. 10. These templates are the main reason that it's October and I'm STILL caught up on my Project 52 layouts. And they're 40% off...
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    Re: Hi from Calgary,Alberta Canada

    Welcome to GingerScraps!
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    Re: "Donīt like*

    I hate it when a kit doesn't have flowers and leaves. I used flowers on every single one of my pages (even for my three boys!). I don't think flowers are girly. I've even used pink flowers on photos...
  14. Re: Anyone going for a December Daily Album?

    I think this is a fun idea. I try to do a little something special each day with my kids in December. It would be fun to scrap a page (or maybe even half a page...hehe) each day to show what we've...
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    Re: Help with a template...please

    I think you need either pngs or page files to be able to use this template in your program. I'd be happy to convert it for you if you could let me know where you got it from and the designer doesn't...
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    Re: Sept. 2014 Template Challenge 2

    I tried to leave you some love but your layout isn't linked. I hope you check back in this thread because I love that you used word art instead of a second photo. Nice clustering work too. Thanks for...
  17. Templates, templates, templates! From Queen Wild Scraps

    I have so much to tell you about this week! Aside from the store wide 40% off sale (and I'll let you in on a little secret...I added ALL of my products to the store this week so be sure to check them...
  18. Re: Sign up for my newsletter and access tons of freebies!

    I'm not sure how it works on the iPad but I think you should be able to sign up. If you head to my blog and click on the "freebies" tab right underneath the header it will take you to a sign up form.
  19. 40% off all new releases from Queen Wild Scraps

    Check out all these new releases from Queen Wild Scraps - all are 40% off through Sept 18!!
    First off there are two sets of my State of Mind templates in the store today - these are some of my most...
  20. Re: ISO kit for Stillbirth, Miscarriage, SIDS

    This one could work. It's 40% off this week.
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    All New from Queen Wild Scraps

    Wow! Do I ever have a lot of new products to show you this week.
    First off there are two sets of my State of Mind templates in the store today - these are some of my most popular templates and...
  22. Re: Sign up for my newsletter and access tons of freebies!

    I just updated the freebies so there's lot of new templates available! And don't worry if you're already subscribed - I'll be sending out the link to those freebies in my newsletter today!
  23. Re: Sneak Peak and a giveaway!

    It's the Atlantic Coast (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia) so TammyM please PM me and I'll get you a coupon for both of the sets!

    These are available now for 40% off!
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    Sticky: Re: *NEW Reward System* January 2014

    What percentage of a layout is a template considered?
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    Re: September 2014 Tracking thread

    Total Challenges Completed: 2

    Brush Challenge

    Buffet Challenge

    Color Challenge

    Daily Download Challenge
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