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  1. Pixelily Designs Sales Last Day, 40% off

    It's almost over ! Only until Nov 26. Grab fast while you can :)
  2. New : Crisp Autumn [September Buffet] by. Pixelily Designs

    Hi, please take a look at Crisp Autumn from Pixelily Designs :
  3. Pixelily Designs' August Sales --- 35% off

    Hello, all !
    Here’s to announce that Pixelily Designs is having a SALE starting today ! All the products are at 35% off until August, 31st. Bundles and GB are not included, but they are already...
  4. New : A Choice To Make From Pixelily Designs

    Hi, do you love something in soft colors ? Do you need to scrap out the way you feel everytime you have to make a decision? Get this kit and go scrappy ! : ...
  5. Re: 07/19 Night Owl Chat with Pixelily Designs

    Tamie, since you are the one that made me a page with the template provided, you are entitled to get a kit from me as I promised on the chat :p.
    just inbox me with your choice : beach and sunshine...
  6. 30 % Off from Pixelily Designs : SALE !

    Hi, Pixelily Designs is in sale and it's a great chance for you to get your favorite product for 30% off (except Bundles) until July, 24.
  7. 07/19 Night Owl Chat with Pixelily Designs

    Hi, it's Lily of Pixelily Designs and I am hosting this week Night Owl Chat

    Mark your calendar and...
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    $2 product from Pixelily Designs

    Hi, it's Lily of Pixelily Designs and I've got $2 products for you. Check this out :

    Enjoy the discount only on this...
  9. Celebrate Tuesday with $2 kits from Pixelily Designs

    Hello, it's Tuesday and I have an offer for you ! Here are 2 kits that you can get with only $2 per pack. Only on this Tuesday ! :...
  10. Pixelily Designs' June Sales --- 40% off

    Hello, folks !
    Pixelily Designs has 40% sale until the end of June.
    Grab everything while in sale. Exceptional applied for GB and bundles ....
  11. New : Safari Trip from Pixelily Designs

    One of fun activities to do when the weather is nice and the kids are feeling to play outdoor is animal watching.
    Whether it's a safari trip or a zoo visit, the experience is worth many photo...
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    40% sale from Pixelily Designs

    Hi, Pixelily Designs is having 40% discount until the end of May.
    Grab whatever your favorite product right now before the discount wears off :)...
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    iNSD Grab Bag from Pixelily Designs

    Hi, happy iNSD ! Here's a Grab Bag from me :

    Go to the link and check the...
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    April Grab Bag from Pixelily Designs

    Here is something undoubtedly awesome from me. A grab bag with fantastic items packed inside :
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    Great Sale from Pixelily Designs

    Hello folks,

    Don't miss the chance to get great stuff from Pixelily Designs at a great price :
  16. 35% off Sale and New Release : Family Ties Forever from Pixelily Designs

    Sale 35% off + 5% addition for newsletter subscribes : ...
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    Re: Pixelily Designs CT Call

    Thank you LaShawn !
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    Pixelily Designs CT Call

    Here is how I start my 2013 :

    If you are interested, please send your application to me...
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    Re: Closing Sale

    So sorry to see you go, Moni. Hope of best luck in 2013.
  20. Re: GingerScraps Featured on In The Know Mom!

    Yay ! Go go go, GS !
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    Re: Happy Birthday Christina (ambelleina)!!

    Happy Birthday, Christina.
    Wish you all the best !
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