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    Poll: Re: LOTW 11/8 - 11/14 vote

    Congrats girl!!!! WOOT!
  2. Re: gift hard this year!

    I know it sucks but at least your kids have a list, I ask mine and none of them tell me anything. I guess thats good that they are content but it makes Christmas difficult....
  3. Re: 11/12/2015 RQOTD How many photos are in your phones camera roll?

    I just dumped mine last night and my phone doesn't hold much these days not sure why, says I am out of space for some reason. I guess I have to much music on my phone.
  4. Re: 11/16/15 RQOTD I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Or do you?

    mmmmmmm Ice cream!!!!!! YES!!!!! if I had to choose a favorite because I love them all, it would have to be Tilamook's Chocolate Peanut butter Ice cream!!!!
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 11/1 - 11/7 vote

    Congrats, it's a beautiful page! Well deserved win!
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 11/1 - 11/7 vote

    Wow thanks for the nomination ladies!!! :D LOVE you all!!! xoxo
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    Re: 11/06/2015 RQOTD what was your first job?

    My first "real" job was working at Dillards Dept. Store when I was 17. I was one of the janitorial staff, sometimes on weekends they would need help emptying out the trucks with the clothing...
  8. Re: 11/07/2015 How long does it take for you to scrap a layout?

    I'd say it takes me a few hours to scrap a page.
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    Re: Look How Far We've Come!

    Ugh not sure I want to show my old layouts. LOL

    So Very BAD!!!

    Most recent...
  10. Re: 11/6 Night Owl - DSD {SLOW} Scrap Edition with Simple Girl Scraps! 10pm EST

    I didn't do a two pager but wanted to post my layout here anyway
    Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the Nativity Scene. My Grandma used to bring out the one she hand painted...
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    Re: DSD 2015 {Win Your Wish List}

    Here is my list

    Gingerbread Ladies rare diamonds

    Seatrout Scraps On Team

    Mandy King Designs On Team
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    Re: DSD 2015 {Scavenger Hunt}

    Mine is now done too! :D
  13. Re: 11/04/2015 RQOTD Is there a particular household chore you can't stand?

    I hate all my household chores these days. But cleaning cat litter has got to be the WORST!
  14. Re: RQOTD: Nov 3rd: If I could live in a book....

    hummm I think it would have to be outlander. I'd love to be trained by Claire to cure people with plants and what not and hanging out in the highlands sounds pretty awesome!
  15. Re: Looking Through Old Kits from 2008 or so...

    See we need to do that for digi products it would be fun!
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    Re: Bakers' Best 11/1 - 11/7

    Awww Thank you Jennifer, I am honored!!!! :D It always makes your day to see this happen!! Thanks again!
  17. Re: RQOTD Nov. 2nd: Do you wear jewelry? How much or how little?

    I wear my wedding rings, and usually some sort of small necklace. My ears aren't pierced so no earrings here....And I really wish my watch had a new battery in it.... sigh. LOL
  18. Re: Looking Through Old Kits from 2008 or so...

    I have always wanted to sit down for a few hours and just create a kit with old kits and see what comes of it. There are so many great pieces I have stored on my External hard drive that need to be...
  19. Re: 11/02/2015 RQOTD #2 - Do you wear glasses?

    I have a prescription to get some but my vision isn't really bad enough to warrant me spending the time on getting them. They would be useful for night driving as my vision seems to be the most...
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 10/18 - 10/24 vote

    Congrats Trace!
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 10/25 - 10/31 vote

    voted!!! GL ladies!
  22. Re: 10/28/15 RQOTD-How would you define your scrapbooking style? Do you have one?

    Just watch me Square and Cluster. Now watch me, watch me, watch me...Oh sorry....

    I always have to have a center square and then cluster it up, if I don't have this I always feel like my page is...
  23. Thread: Pumpkin?

    by xboxmom

    Re: Pumpkin?

    I am not a huge Pie Fan, I like Pumpkin pie with Whip but I never go out of my way to seek out pie.
  24. Re: 10/27/2015 RQOTD-what food do you dislike the most?

    Easy one for me. I can't stand Seafood. I will only really eat fish if it's "fish n' chips" Other than that I usually don't eat seafood at all!
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    Re: RQOTD: Do You Know the Difference...

    I didn't even know there was two different things!
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