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  1. New Release! {Picture Perfect 77-80} Templates by Aprilisa Designs

    Includes 2 layout templates, 24 x 12 inches, 300 dpi. All came in layered PSD and TIFF format. PNGs and PAGE formats are also available.
  2. New Release! {Along The Border} Templates by Little Rad Trio

    Created with borders and banner in mind, this set of 4 templates is available in 4 format (.psd, .tif, .page and .pngs).
  3. {Bedtime Monster Spray} by Wimpychompers Creations

    Sometimes all a child needs to feel safe in their room is a good dose of monster spray before bedtime! This darling kit is good for monsters both day and night!
  4. 2 New Releases! {No Boys/No Girls Allowed} by Wimpychompers Creations

    These boys have a clubhouse all of their own, and they don't want girls to come in! In this kit are tools for any handy kid our outdoors boy.
  5. New Release! {Just The Two Of Us} templates by Luv Ewe Designs

    Here is a template set from Luv Ewe Designs to help boost your creativity! Included are four templates 12x12 in size) and are in PNG, PSD, and TIFF formats.
  6. New Release! {My Wish For You} by Little Rad Trio

    The inspiration for this kit came from a Rascal Flatts song. It is one of my favorite songs and has so much powerful meaning to me. I love the lyrics and instantly knew I needed to make a kit when I...
  7. New Release! {Captured Moments} by Luv Ewe Designs
  8. New Release! {Happy Girls} by Aprilisa Designs

    Aprilisa Designs has a new kit out {Happy Girls}!
  9. New Release! {Sisters} by Little Rad Trio

    What would life be like without a sister? Actually, I don't have a sister, but do have sister-in-laws that are just like a sister to me. This collection is created to showcase that special bond...
  10. New Release! {Template Grab Bag 16} by Aprilisa Designs

    Includes 4 Template Packs, 4 layout templates each pack (except Picture Perfect 77, which is includes 2 double pages templates, 24 x 12'') ...
  11. New Release! {Play It Again Vol 1} Templates by Little Rad Trio
  12. New Release! {Back 2 School} by Little Rad Trio

    The end of summer generally signifies back to school time. My boys are never excited to go back to school except to see their friends. This kit contains a variety of back 2 school items in a slightly...
  13. 3 New Releases! {Our New Prince, Our New Princess and I LOVE Books} by Wimpychompers

    Baby boys are so precious and sweet, I love the way they smell after a bath. Celebrate them with this kit for baby boys. ...
  14. New Release! {Flower Power} Templates by LissyKay Designs

    Flowers. The staple of most scrapbook kits. And they are on the majority of layouts in the shop gallery. It is what it is. We love them. And when they are in the perfect cluster, those pages leap off...
  15. New Release! {New Beginnings} By Luv Ewe Designs

    New Beginnings is a kit by Luv Ewe Designs that is prefect for scrapping about your new resolutions and having a fresh start!...
  16. Wimpychompers Creations is having a CT Call!!!
  17. New Release! {Prairie Bundle} Kits and Add On's by Wimpychompers

    Cowboys and girls away! This kit is perfect for cowboys and cowgirls young and old.
  18. New Release! {Favorite Fast Food} by Wimpychompers

    My son adores a local hamburger place and asks to go there every chance he can get (which is all the time). I think they may have a button to push to order our meal without having to ask what we...
  19. New Release! {Bright Lights Big City} by Luv Ewe Designs

    Bright Lights Big City by Luv Ewe Designs is a kit perfect for scrapping about your adventures in the city, sight seeing, shopping and other happenings. Included in this kit are: 10 pattern papers,...
  20. Re: Weekends are so fast! When do you scrap?

    If we don't have basketball games on Sundays, I like to scrap after church for a while. I do scrap at night once the kids are in bed.
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    Re: Baker's Best 2/9-2/15

    Layout by emscraps
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    Re: CT for LissyKay Designs

    Good luck with your call Melissa!
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    Re: HOWDEE from Kansas!

    Happy Birthday and WELCOME to GS! This place is the best :):36_1_33:
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    Re: Hi Everybody!

    Welcome Linda! GS is the best place on the web for digi-scrapping and the girls here are AWESOME!
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    Re: Hello from Ohio

    Welcome Tammy! GS is a great place to learn and grow as a digi-scrapper. My favorite place on the web!
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