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  1. Re: October Nights by Kathryn Estry ~ now in store

    Perfect for scrapping those Fall and Halloween photos!
  2. Re: Sneak Peek/Giveaway Time!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win this kit.
  3. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win by Connie Prince (October Templates!)

    Looks like a great template collection!
  4. Re: Rhonda's Homeschool ~ by Kathryn Estry~ now bundled

    Fantastic collection! Great price on the bundle too!
  5. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win by Connie Prince (October Grabbag)

    Looks like another wonderful grab bag. Thanks for the chance to win it.
  6. Re: NEW! ~ October Scraps ~ by Kathryn Estry

    Gorgeous collection!
  7. Re: Autumn Dance by Kathryn Estry ~ Oct Buffet

    What a gorgeous Fall collection!
  8. Re: New Collection ~ Changing Lives ~ by Kathryn Estry

    Fantastic collection! So versatile too!
  9. Re: Help....when is the first day of all 2014? LOL....

    Fall officially arrived late (like about 9-10 pm Central time) on Sept 22. So Sept. 23 is the first FULL day of Fall.

    OK, here's the official info from the The Old Farmer's Almanac:
    In 2014, the...
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    Re: Kathryn's $1 Birthday Bake Sale Items

    Fantastic prices! Love that cute exploding box!!!!!
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    Re: 40% Off Sale ~ Kathryn Estry's Store

    Wonderful sale! Great time to get all the wish list purchased.
  12. Re: NEW! ** Believe In Miracles ** by Kathryn Estry

    Gorgeous! Love the colors.
  13. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win by Connie Prince - September Templates

    Would love to have these templates. Thanks for a chance to win them.
  14. Re: Lori's Cove by Kathryn Estry ~ Now bundled

    It's gorgeous Kathryn!
  15. Re: September Scraps ~ NEW! ~ by Kathryn Estry

    I love the fall colors. Another gorgeous kit in this monthly scrap series.
  16. Re: Rhonda's Homeschool ~ Kathryn Estry's September Buffet

    What a lovely collection!!!!
  17. Re: Sneak Peek and a Chance to Win by Connie Prince (8/20-8/21)

    I'm a retired teacher. And I still deliver newspapers (the reason for the username, paperlady) and have for many years starting with helping my oldest son when he wanted a route at age 11.
  18. Re: New to GingerScraps~Terry Trail~by Kathryn Estry

    Love the colors in this gorgeous collection!
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    Re: NEW! ~ Scrap Happy ~ by Kathryn Estry

    What a fun and cheerful collection!
  20. Re: August Scraps ~ NEW in Kathryn Estry's Store

    I'm loving all these monthly scraps collections! Another fantastic one!
  21. Re: Big Sale in Kathryn Estry's store ~ August 8 - 21!

    Wow, fantastic sale!
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    Re: NEW!~From the Heart~by Kathryn Estry

    What a gorgeous collection! I really love all those wonderful elements (and everything else too)
  23. Re: All American Boy by Kathryn Estry ~ now bundled

    Wonderful collection!
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    Re: August's Pop Quiz

    Wow, what a lot of responses so soon. Here are my answers:

    1. Do you live in a single-story or a two-story building? If there are more than 2, how many floors does it have?
    2. Would...
  25. Re: Lori's Cove~Kathryn Estry's August Buffet Collection

    What a gorgeous collection!
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