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    Thanks everyone!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. I'm an independent distributor for a nutrition...

    I'm an independent distributor for a nutrition company. My day to day involves wellness coaching and I run fitness classes. I love my job because I get to help others feel better about who they are....
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    Greetings from Central Oregon!

    It's FINALLY snowing here! I can't believe it. Really, I thought it would never come (which would have been just fine in my book.) Thought I'd pop in and say HELLO! I'm a mom of two beautiful girls,...
  4. Owning your own business is HARD WORK!

    It's been a long time since I've used scrapbooking as an escape from the everyday grind. It's time to get back to recording my memories! I have to say, it's good to be back. Let me just say first...
  5. Re: Best Scorpion Picture EVER, don't look if you're squemish

    Chills!! I would have done the whole mouse in the house, jump on a chair, freak out, yell at hubby.. shreek thing, had it been anwhere near my place. Eww! Just looking at the picture makes me flick...
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    National Cheesecake Day!

    What flavor will you celebrate with? I'm thinking Raspberry for me, with a side of espresso! :)
  7. Re: I interrupt your regularly scrapping-ness

    What a handsome little man!
  8. Re: My TINY hometown had some celebrities come visit today!!

    Love that show!! So very awesome.. I wouldn't mind having a conversation with those guys. :)
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    Re: Veterinarian anyone?

    I too thought vegetarian... hehe!
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