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    Re: Baker's Best 4/6-4/12

    Ohhh I so love this layout by JillW - I just love how she put her profile picture in there and the way the pictures are laying there.
  2. Re: Moving on to Week 3 - {The Contestants} *I Survived!*

    Oh my goodness.. that is so cool. I am moving on to week 3... wow.. thank you to all who voted for me to stay in. I am truly honored to be among such talented scrappers! My heart has been pounding...
  3. Re: Week 2 - {Face Paint} *Immunity Challenge*

    Great job everyone. Those were some fun looking pictures!
  4. Re: Week 2 - {Treat Street} *VOTE*

    Voted and I wish every luck. This was hard!! Everyone made such fun layouts!!
  5. Re: Week 2 - {Treat Street} *Tribal Council*

    Here is mine

    Layout Created using Ponytail Designs 'Carnival'
    Journaling: My journey into learning how to bake began...
  6. Re: Freebie on My FB - Beautifully Blessed Designs

    Thank you!
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    Re: Baker's Best 3/30-4/5

    I nominate 'Beauty' by modgee.. This is really beautiful. I love the glitter behind the picture. The clustering is really pretty!
  8. Re: Moving on to Week 2 - {The Contestants} *I Survived!*

    Oh that is so cool. This is my first time being a part of this adventure and to be able to move on to week two is so cool!! I tell you what, I have been biting my nails waiting for you to post this...
  9. Re: Come show off your Dig-County Fair RV!!

    I would want this
  10. Re: Week 1 - {Theme Song} *Tribal Council*

    My Theme song I choose was 'True love by Pink'. We went through so many songs ideas to set the tone for our wedding and when we heard it, we knew instantly that was the song that my girls would walk...
  11. Re: Week 1 - {Theme Song} *Challenge*

    Okay.. this was fun.
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    Re: Baker's Best 3/9-3/15

    I just love this layout. I love the soft colors and the journaling. Click the image to be taken to this awesome layout by.. alannabanana
  13. Sticky: Re: Scrapping Survivor *Digi-County Fair* {SIGN UP HERE}

    I want to play. Never done this before!
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    Re: Baker's Best 2/23-3/1

    I just love this layout. The smile is what got me first but then I realize that its the clustering around her pictures that help make that smile shine brighter! Such a beautiful layout from...
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    Re: Baker's Best 2/9-2/15

    I love this layout. I love the soft colors with the B&W photo and all the paper pieces!
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    Re: Baker's Best 2/2-2/8

    I just fell in love with this layout. I love the layering and the clusters but the shadowing. It's just a stunning layout that caught my eye right off the bat.

    Click the image to be taken to it
  17. Re: Seatrout Scraps February Facebook Freebie

    Thank you so much!
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 1/12-1/18 Vote!

    Voted and thank you for choosing my layout. This is a first for me so I am super excited!
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    Re: Baker's Best 1/12-1/18

    OM Goodness, this is so cool. Thank you so much!
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