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  1. Re: Take 2 Tuesday from Connie Prince - Gorgeous Gold and Fright Night

    I just love the glorious gold kit... the black and white pictures just pop with it! Well colored look great too, but if you want a dramatic effect.... ;)
  2. Re: Connie Prince's Super 4th of July 40% Off Sale

    Happy 4th of July to all that celebrate it! This is one awesome sale on kits already priced so reasonably! :)
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    Re: Yay..lookie lookie

    Thanks Lydia! :blush2 I understand how important it is give our amazing designers full credit for their work! :)
    I appreciate the shout!
  4. Re: Connie Prince has Awesome Customer service!

    I totally agree! :)
  5. Re: Win the official Scrapping Survivor Season 4 kit!

    Sounds like fun.... well since the last survivor show I saw was Survivor Canada...that will be my first guess!

    1) Canada
    2) A Famous Kitchen (ie: like Hell's Kitchen, Jamie Oliver, Cadbury :) )...
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