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    Re: Brush Challenge - December 2014

    I am loving all the different ways everyone has used the brushes. There are things I would have never thought of! Way to rock the brushes, ladies!!
  2. Re: Who's ready for HOLIDAY BINGO NIGHT???????

    No blackout yet....and so we continue with the next 10 words. (Start 10:50pm Eastern)

    41. Dancer
    42. Festive
    43. Shopping
    44. Ribbons
    45. Star of David

    Bingo!! TammyM won blackout!
  3. Re: Who's ready for HOLIDAY BINGO NIGHT???????

    And we are still going for a blackout. Next ten words. (start 10:38pm Eastern)

    31. Boxes
    32. Dreidel
    33. Lights
    34. North Pole
    35. Scrooge
    36. Hanukkah
    37. Tinsel
    38. Scarf
  4. Re: Who's ready for HOLIDAY BINGO NIGHT???????

    Still playing blackout. Next ten words. (Start at 10:32pm Eastern)

    21. Travel
    22. Resolutions
    23. Snow
    24. Hugs
    25. Music
    26. Snowflake
    27. Vixen
    28. Fireplace
  5. Re: Who's ready for HOLIDAY BINGO NIGHT???????

    Here are the next 10 words from Bingo. (10:22 pm Easter)

    11. Toys
    12. Reindeer
    13. Decorations
    14. Blitzen
    15. December
    16. Christmas
    17. Rudolph
  6. Re: Who's ready for HOLIDAY BINGO NIGHT???????

    Here are the first ten words from the start of Bingo. 10:15pm (Eastern)

    1. Holiday
    2. Snowman
    3. Mittens
    4. Winter
    5. Angel
    6. Eggnog
    7. Dasher
    8. Icicles
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    Brush Challenge - December 2014

    Happy Holidays!!

    Melissa of LissyKay Designs here hosting the December Brush Challenge. This brush set is available in abr and png files. Click on the image to download.

    While the set is for...
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    Sticky: October 2014 Mini Kit Challenge

    It might be a surprise to many to see me here providing a mini kit that does not include a template. On occasion, I just need a creative break and like to play in Photoshop. I thought it would be fun...
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    August 2014 Template Challenge #2

    Here is the 2nd template for the August challenge. Click on the image to download. File types available: PSD, PNG, TIFF & PAGE.

  10. Double the Contests, Double Your Chances to Win

    Two sneak peek/giveaways are now open. Two people will win kits from this week's new releases. First contest is on the LissyKay website. The second is on the LissyKay Facebook page.

    Here is a peek...
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    New Kits from LissyKay Designs

    Three kits were released this weekend. The kits, as well as the entire shop. are 40% off. The kits are $2.40 until February 13, 2014

  12. LissyKay Designs Grand Opening Sale Still On

    It was announced on the grand opening of LissyKay Designs that all kits in the shop are 40% off until February 13, 2014. Don't miss your chance to pick up those kits you have been wanting to try.

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    CT for LissyKay Designs

    LissyKay Designs is looking to fill a few specific positions on the creative team. Take a look at the openings and submit your application. All info and the application are on the LissyKay website.
  14. Re: Sneak Peek and Giveaway from LissyKay Designs

    I did not realize my blog was limiting comments based on Google+ accounts. I fixed it and anyone can comment. Hope that helps.
  15. Sneak Peek and Giveaway from LissyKay Designs

    A sneak peek/giveaway is up on the LissyKay blog. The contest runs till Friday, February 7th 12am.

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    Re: Baker's Best 1/12-1/18

    Thank you so much for the nomination. That layout was a labor of love and it means the world to me that y'all like it!
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    Re: 1/3 Night Owl BINGO with Created by Jill!!

    Here are tonight's words! We had a small bingo at #22, then another at #23. Finally a winner of blackout at #54!

    1. January
    2. Mojo
    3. Freebie
    4. Buffet
    5. Blog...
  18. Re: 12/20 Night Owl Holiday BINGO Chat with Created by Jill!!

    Want to see how you would have fared if you played Holiday Bingo? See the words in the order Jill called them out. They are in groups of 10. Blackout took 44 words before we had a winner!

  19. Re: Sneak Peak and Givraway At Susan Godfrey Designs

    The right link is up. Sorry for my crazy mistake!
  20. Sneak Peak and Givraway At Susan Godfrey Designs

    Susan has a sneak peak and giveaway over on her blog. You can go there to enter:
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    LRT Sneak Peak and Giveway

    Here is a sneak peak of the December 1, 2013 release from Little Rad Trio. Head over to the LRT blog to enter to win the new kit!...
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 10/27-11/2 Vote!

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    Re: Baker's Best 10/13-10/19

    What gorgeous layouts!
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    Re: Introducing the new Guest CT!!

    Congrats! I am so excited to see so many friends on the team. Y'all will be brilliant!
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    Re: Baker's Best 10/6-10/12

    Thank you for the delightful surprise!
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