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  1. Re: New Jan Buffet Sale - Legacy Of Love by Connie Prince

    Beautiful collection!
  2. Replies

    Re: New Template Bundle By Connie Prince

    A great set of templates at a really great price!
  3. Re: New {HUES} Beautifully Blue + More From Connie Prince!

    Beautiful collections!
  4. Re: Connie Prince's October Grab Bag Sale + Haunting Halloween extras!

    This is such a fun Halloween kit!
  5. Re: New Project 2013: October Collection by Connie Prince

    Amazing collection!
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    Re: Lots of new goodies from Connie Prince!

    Beautiful collections!
  7. Re: Three New Bundles Teen Thing - Girl Thing - Guy Thing Collections by Connie Princ

    Beautiful collection!
  8. Re: New Sept GrabBag, Falling AddOns, & 40% Off Sale by Connie Prince

    Beautiful collection!
  9. Re: New from Connie Prince - Pronect 2013: September + Extras!

    Beautiful collections!
  10. Re: New {HUES} Vivacious Violet & 40% Off Sale - Connie Prince

    Beautiful collection! I love the color.
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    Re: Connie Prince's Back To School Sale!

    Great deal to celebrate the start of the new school year!
  12. Re: Connie Prince's New August Grab Bag & Templatetopia On Sale Now!

    Great deals for the Grab Bag and Template collection!
  13. Re: August Buffet Sale - Wild & Free by Connie Prince

    It's a beautiful collection!
  14. Re: 40% Off Summer Sale & Project 2013: August by Connie Prince

    It's a wonderful collection! I love it!
  15. Re: New Furry Friends & More by Connie Prince

    Wonderful collections! The furry friends one is adorable!
  16. Re: New P2013: July, VBS Collab, & Designer Resources On Sale Now!

    Wonderful collection and kit!
  17. Re: New July Buffet - Road Warrior- On Sale Now by Connie Prince

    Fun kit! The FWP looks great too!
  18. Re: New June This or That Collection - Made In America by Connie Prince

    Great collection!
  19. Re: New June GrabBag - The Last Bell & The Graduate by Connie Prince

    Great graduation collection!
  20. Re: New Project 2013: May Collection by Connie Prince!

    Beautiful collection!
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    Re: Connie Prince's New Releases!

    Beautiful collections!
  22. Re: New Animal Crackers collection (Farm Friends & Zoo Pals) On Sale Now!

    Adorable collection! I love it!
  23. Re: Connie Prince - Collection of the Week - We Are Family!

    Beautiful collection and great price!
  24. Re: New February Grab & February Templatetopia - On Sale Now by Connie Prince

    It is a wonderful collection and so fun!
  25. Re: 40% Off Sale + New Project 2013: February Collection by Connie Prince

    I love this month's collection! Beautiful!
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