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  1. Re: RQOTD: What do you like most about the city/state you live in?

    Amen to no natural disasters! I figure when the big earthquake that hits the San Andreas fault hits, we will end up living on the coast! LOL, sorry to all of Oregon, Washington and California. We...
  2. Re: RQOTD: What do you like most about the city/state you live in?

    I think schools are a hard thing to decide because every child is so different and only you know you kid. My son (just graduated) did not thrive in Utah at all. He struggled, I...
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    Re: So - Are We Gonna Have a Survivor 2016?

    That is a PERFECT time for Survivor!
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    Re: Is anyone else an introvert?

    Me Me Me! I like to sit in my bedroom with the door shut but I open my back patio doors and listen to the water running on my waterfall. I often like to have TV on just for a little noise but not...
  5. Re: RQOTD: What do you like most about the city/state you live in?

    I'm not going to lie...we love it here. We came here in 2001 on a fluke, we could live anywhere because hubby telecommuted. We chose Boise because it is 3.5 hours to each family on different...
  6. Re: RQOTD: What do you like most about the city/state you live in?

    I live in the Boise Idaho area. This is the second time we have lived here and why we will nEVER leave:

    -the weather! Because of the low elevation and our proximity to Oregon, we get very mild...
  7. Re: RQOTD - What photo image host site do you use for posting photos in forums?

    Yep, what Colleen said! I just click on the image so it's bigger and then right click and choose the "copy image location" and then paste it in the forum.
  8. Re: Scrapping Memorial Sites / Battlefields, etc.

    While visiting Gettysburg in May, I took photos of a lot quotes that were on plaques around the cemetery. I intend to use a lot of those quotes in my journaling.
  9. Re: RQOTD - What photo image host site do you use for posting photos in forums?

    You can create a private album in FB. As a GS CT member, I use the secret GS site for CT's album to upload my LO's to.
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    Re: Titles and Tribulations

    I love titles but not so good about coming up with them. Sometimes I just google some title ideas. There are a dozen places that pop up if you Google "Scrapbook title ideas." Sometimes I just...
  11. Re: Best place to get a 12X12 photo book made?

    I have used Shutterfly for YEARS and I love the coupon codes and how many flat pages fit into a book.
  12. Thread: WHO DOES....

    by jencrook

    Re: WHO DOES....

    I've been CT'ing since 2007 when I was approached by a designer. Things took off from there and I was recruited by a few stores. I have had to scale back because life and schedules don't always...
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    Re: Last Week of School Craziness

    My son is graduating so he is done on the 24th. The other two kiddos aren't done until June 3. Big son and I are flying to Washington DC the day he is done (24th) until June 1 for his senior trip. ...
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    Re: WHAT IS YOUR......?

    Flowers, but not realistic looking flowers, I like the paper looking ones that resemble the gigantic stash of paper supplies I have stashed in my garage LOL. I love the look of buttons and brads...
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    Re: RQOTD May 11- do you wear a wristwatch?

    Almost always
  16. Re: RQOTD May 9th: Marvel Avengers yay or nay?

    No superheros for me. I don't do comics although I have 4 kids (one son and three daughters) that all do. Let me go see a chickflick by myself and I am so happy. Or leave me home alone...I'm good...
  17. Thread: RECIPES!!

    by jencrook

    Sticky: Re: RECIPES!!

    We signed up for Slender Kitchen and we have loved almost all of the recipes so far!
  18. Re: May 10th RQOTD What's something everyone does that you just cannot do?

    I cannot take a selfie either!!!! I feel like I am the only idiot who cannot point a camera at myself and shoot without a finger in the way, or looking at the button instead of at the screen. I am...
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    Re: RQOTD may 12th Cupcakes!

    Chocolate...there aren't any other flavors right? Icing is just a good buttercream (I love the Wilton recipe).
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    Re: Planning for Summer?

    Usually we don't do big vacations in the summer but this year we are flying from Idaho to Buffalo NY and renting a car then driving all the way back home to see the country. It will take most of the...
  21. Re: Connie Prince -- 2 New Grabbags - NSD sale and Free with Purchase

    Love Seas the Day!
  22. Re: Gingerscraps Buffet: Grow and Mow by Connie Prince

    Love this!
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    Re: Who else got a whack of snow??

    Mid 70's here in Western Idaho and I am NOT complaining. I hate snow.
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    Re: do you handle them

    Wendy, I have a mac and PSE "talks" to my fontbook. When I install them directly by dragging them into Font Book, they all just magically appear the next time I launch PSE. I have never had a...
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    Re: HOW MANY........?

    Unless it's a buffet item I don't mix and match mostly because I just have time for that anymore.
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