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    Re: I Feel Sick

    Oh ... I just read the rest of the comments. Sorry to hear it's seriously damaged. :(
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    Re: I Feel Sick

    So sorry to hear about your sweet camera Sarah. Ugh ... how awful. I hope it survives after sitting in the dry rice.

    Cathy ... I did the EXACT same thing. I ran over the cord of my brand new...
  3. Re: 09/06 win my kit - from seatrout scraps

    Congratulations Shellbyj. Woo Hoo!
    Beautiful kit Rach and lovely LO from your CT.
    Thanks for all the fun.
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    Re: Turmoil in our world

    This world definitely needs far less turmoil. Stay safe Ricki.
    Praying for all those who are in potentially scary places.
    "There but for the grace of God..."
    There are a lot of good people in...
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 8/25-8/31 Vote!

    So hard to choose just one. Awesome lineup. Congrats everyone. I voted.
  6. Re: 09/06 win my kit - from seatrout scraps

    Rachel, hahaha. You crack me up.

    Norman Reedus would be one of my choices. I know he could protect me from the Zombie...
  7. Re: WIN ! WIN ! WIN ! with Seatrout Scraps

    Gorgeous layout by Marie. Beautiful young woman in the photo, awesome journaling and the kit looks amazing.
    Congratulations to Mocamom on the win ... what a wonderful addition to your stash. ...
  8. Re: WIN ! WIN ! WIN ! with Seatrout Scraps

    “It's a bizarre but wonderful feeling, to arrive dead center of a target you didn't even know you were aiming for. That is serendipity.”
    -- Lois McMaster Bujold

    Thanks for the chance Rachel....
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    Re: Baker's Best 8/18-8/24

    Thank you so much Skye! I'm honored. This was all Wendy Tunison making me break out of my comfort zone. I love the way her brain works, lol. Thanks for the BB.
  10. Re: Win with Seatrout Scraps .. Portrait draw

    Oh wow Ricki. Congratulations ... loved your portrait and this kit looks amazing.
    Love the vintage look and neutral palette in Conny's LO.
    I think I'm gonna be in for yet another Seatrout...
  11. Re: Looking for 2nd August Template Challenge...

    WooHoo!!!! Thanks Jennifer.
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 8/11-8/17 vote!

    Gorgeous LOs.
    I voted.
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    Re: All in the Family Freebies!!

    Thank you so much. Love the collection and the freebies.
  14. Re: Looking for 2nd August Template Challenge...

    Yay, I'm glad I asked. Thanks for checking into this gals.
  15. Re: Win with Seatrout Scraps .. Portrait draw

    Thank you so much Rachel. They are a ton of fun too. I'm blessed that they live not too far away (and that my niece shares her fab photos with me).
  16. Re: Win with Seatrout Scraps .. Portrait draw

    Gorgeous submissions. Wow Rachel, you are a wonderful photographer, and such a pretty model. Pippin yours is beautiful too. Very dramatic. I was actually going to upload my fave portrait of my dog,...
  17. Looking for 2nd August Template Challenge...

    I'm not sure where to post this. Is there any word on the second template challenge for this month?
    Template Challenge Aug 16th-31st. I keep looking but I don't see anything, lol.

    Not that I've...
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    Re: Win my new kit !!!

    Drool! Love the kit, the colors are so gorgeous and what a beautiful layout from Kim. Stunning. Congrats to Yabby. Lucky girl!!! Thanks for another fun contest Rachel and for the coupon. I'll be...
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    Re: Do you have your own font?

    Yay Diana ... and yay Bug!!! Fantastic fonts .... I love them both and if I saw them at DaFont or somewhere I'd download them. I'm a bit of a font addict. Thanks for posting the previews to show us...
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    Re: Win my new kit !!!


    So fun. Thanks for the chance Rachel. I'm sure it will be an awesome kit.
  21. Re: Favorite color combos .. what are yours?

    You do like it hot Em ... lol.

    Me too ... I love stronger, more vivid colors, and I consider green a neutral, lol. I guess it depends on the season. I seem to make a lot of layouts with aqua blue...
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    Poll: Re: LOTW 8/4-8/10 Vote!

    Thank you very much for the nomination. I'm thrilled and honoured.
    Beautiful selection of LOs this week and the Honorable Mention is amazing.
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    Re: Baker's Best 8/4-8/10

    Oh wow ... thank you so very much Stephanie. What a special treat. It was a fun layout to make. I love experimenting with digi. You made my weekend.

  24. Re: Do you want to win a $5 voucher to seatrout scraps store?

    Love the granny dancing Michi, lol. You are on a roll with the wins this week. Congrats.
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    Re: Shout out to cherekaye designs!

    Oh my gosh. Fabulous kit. Love all the wordstrips. Congrats Michi. So generous of Cherekaye Designs.
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