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msbrad *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Winner of Scrapping Survivor- Season 4
  23,831 msbrad's Avatar      Tampa, Florida   
mskinsey *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  8,550 mskinsey's Avatar      St. Croix, US Virgin Islands   
missdamsel *Site Manager
*GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Scrapping Survivor - Digi-County Fair - WINNER! {staff}
Visit missdamsel's homepage! 7,118 missdamsel's Avatar December 3 missdamsel66  Franklin,  
MarilynZ *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  5,188 MarilynZ's Avatar      Maryland, USA Scrapbooking, of course!Retired
MamaCake *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  3,071 MamaCake's Avatar      I'm from the country and I like it that way, Kansas Crafting of all kinds!best job ever: Mom and Wife
Mousears33 Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  2,716 Mousears33's Avatar          
MSPeeler *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
Visit MSPeeler's homepage! 2,601 MSPeeler's Avatar November 21 @MrsPeeler'm Michelle, wife to Dave and Mommy to Priscilla, Luke and NoahThe South, United States Scrapbooking, The Sims 3, and playing with my kids!SAHM
Mandalue Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit Mandalue's homepage! 2,473 Mandalue's Avatar January 15, 1981   SAHM and former elementary school teacherAnchorage, Alaska  
melissavt *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  2,416 melissavt's Avatar October 23 melissavt73melissavt Michigan's West Coast   
meagan43 *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  2,076 meagan43's Avatar      California  
muldrs Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  1,497 muldrs's Avatar August 20   Happily married since 2006. Had a baby boy in Dec 2011. Digiscrapping since Dec 2012 and love it!, Reading, Outdoors, and All GamesStay at Home Mom/Wife
MissParker Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  1,320 MissParker's Avatar          
mgagnon Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  1,224 mgagnon's Avatar      Colorado Scrapbooking, crosstitch, readingRN
mamaape Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  1,014 mamaape's Avatar June 30, 1983 @plussizemomma I am a stay at home mommy and I am new to and totally in love with digital scrapping!Wisconsinpottymouthscraps.wordpress.comReading, knitting, digiscrapping, music, movies, and NOMS.Wife and Mommy.
mom2triplets04 Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  790 mom2triplets04's Avatar          
Mandymade Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit Mandymade's homepage! 722 Mandymade's Avatar November 28, 1975    Alberta. Canada Digi Scraping, Photoshop, Photography, Hiking 
marieh Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit marieh's homepage! 666 marieh's Avatar January 4, 1978!/mariehdesigns I am a passionate of life and loveMontreal Canada, reading, playing with my girlsSAHM of 2 little girls
mary-lynne Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  638 mary-lynne's Avatar          
MarcelaRelvas *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  590 MarcelaRelvas's Avatar Scrapper, I make cakes
marinapj *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Magical Scraps Galore
Visit marinapj's homepage! 532 marinapj's Avatar April 12, 1970 My name is Marina and Im the creative brain behind Magical Scraps Galore. I live in Argentina with my wonderful husband Peter, my kids Emilia and Andrs, and my two cats Calla and Ron. I am an English/Spanish translator and have been working with an American corporation for 22 years. I love designing because it takes me away from the corporate world and it helps me keep my creative juices flowing. I first began traditional scrapbooking back in the 1990s, until I discovered digital scrapbooking in 2004 and I got hooked. I started designing in 2011. My style is traditional and classic, a bit whimsical with some vintage stuff mixed here and there. And Im fascinated by colors (though I tend to always dress in black, go figure!). I find my inspiration everywhere: my kids, a photograph, a color swatch I have to admit that I spend too much time on Pinterest too!Quilmes, Argentinahttp://www.magicalscrapsgalore.comDigital scrapbooking, photography, quilting, running and sailingDigital scrapbook designer; English/Spanish translator
marshmella Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  490 marshmella's Avatar May 5, 1981  Monroe, WI ScrapbookingSAHM / Digi Designer
Misty Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit Misty's homepage! 481 Misty's Avatar June 2, 1982 mobriendesigns  Pacific NW  
mhreen08 Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  477 mhreen08's Avatar          
mollyscraps Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  456 mollyscraps's Avatar          
madebymeinspirations Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
Visit madebymeinspirations's homepage! 446 madebymeinspirations's Avatar disabled scrapbook designer, poetess!Tucson, AZ, graphic design, educationSAHM
mdusell Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
MommyScrapper Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  351   July 17        
MeleahG Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  346 MeleahG's Avatar          
mrskatylady Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  311 mrskatylady's Avatar          
Mandy King *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Mandy King
  287 Mandy King's Avatar          
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