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msbrad *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
*Winner of Scrpping Survivor- Season 4
  18,227 msbrad's Avatar      Tampa, Florida   
robinsismai *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  15,906 robinsismai's Avatar May 19    West  
yabby *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  14,756 yabby's Avatar     mother to 5 boysOklahoma  Homemaker/Homeschooler
Victoria32 Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  13,206 Victoria32's Avatar      BC Canada   
Pippin *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  11,165 Pippin's Avatar      Lapland, northern Swedenpia-design.blogspot.sescrapbooking, cardmaking, sewing, jewelry making, gardening 
emscraps *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  11,074 emscraps's Avatar      Bay Area, CA Scrapbooking! 
webdesignmom Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  10,610 webdesignmom's Avatar   1969june  Ohio Digi scrap, web design, computers, camping, crafts.SAHM
Ricki *Snickerdoodle*
*GingerScraps Ad Team
*Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  10,596 Ricki's Avatar December 15, 1959' life :)Jerusalem, Israel and my Mac.My DH :)
waterlily_mc *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  9,926 waterlily_mc's Avatar          
trina513 *GingerBread Lady*
*Designer: Dear Friends Designs
**Lead GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  9,628 trina513's Avatar May 13 WIwww.scrappingourlivesaway.blogspot.comPhotography, Digiscrappin', Biking, SoftballSAHM
scrappinbella *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Lead Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  9,513 scrappinbella's Avatar February 21   Originally from Cuba, raised in NYC and now live in Fl. have been digitally scrapbooking for 3yrsIndian Harbour Beach, Floridascrappinbelladesigns.blogspot.comscrapbooking? yes, i think so! Butterflies, flowers and my grandchildren!retired intravenous nurse
Elizabeth *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  8,040 Elizabeth's Avatar      East Coast of Australia (NSW)   
kimmyscraps Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  7,767 kimmyscraps's Avatar May 23, 1977   I have 2 wonderful daughters, Tori & Alli.Kalamazoo, MIwww.kimmyscraps.blogspot.comReading, scrapbooking (both paper & digital), board games, playing cardsCustomer service/sales
Sarah *Site Manager
*GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
Visit Sarah's homepage! 7,724 Sarah's Avatar December 8, 1981 SarahCB1208, daughter, wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, fighter, lover, defender, scrapperTopeka, Kansas, United Stateshttp://tm2ts.sarahsmidnightfantasy.comgraphics, reading, drawing, learning PSP, learning PhotoshopThe Queen's Left Hand
nutsaboutgabe *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
Visit nutsaboutgabe's homepage! 7,685 nutsaboutgabe's Avatar February 27, 1978   Married mom with one child.Central Connecticut and readingHelpdesk Tech.
rdjrneace Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
photom Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  6,900 photom's Avatar          
Smurfie *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  6,896 Smurfie's Avatar October 5   rugby nut, Backstreet Boys fan, Ireland lover, digi scrapper, proud auntieIn the arms of the angels that are the Kentucky Cousins Backstreet Boys, Ireland, Irish rugby, digiscrappingProfessional Backstreet stalker ;)
pamr Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  6,659 pamr's Avatar      East Texas Painting, candlemaking, photographysmall business owner
missdamsel *Site Manager
*GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Scrapping Survivor - Digi-County Fair - WINNER! {staff}
Visit missdamsel's homepage! 6,629 missdamsel's Avatar December 3 missdamsel66  Franklin,  
prettyingreen *GingerBread Lady*
*Designer: Pretty in Green Designs
*Winner of Scrpping Survivor- Season 2
  6,601 prettyingreen's Avatar January 13, 1985        
ScrappyCoyote Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  6,424 ScrappyCoyote's Avatar      Northeast Ohiohttp://scrappycoyote.blogspot.comCanines, photography, and scrapping - traditional and digitalGrandmom and Mom
GingerScraps The Queen
*GingerBread Lady*
Designer and Owner of GingerScraps
Visit GingerScraps's homepage! 6,155 GingerScraps's Avatar February 24, 1977 I am a mom of two awesome kids!! And LOVE my digi world :)Northern California U.S.Ahttp://gingerscraps.blogspot.comBesides scrapping and designing- reading, writing, playing games, beading.Owner of GingerScraps and Scrap Designer :)
Colleen *GingerBread Lady*
*Designer: Dear Friends Designs
*Lead GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  5,964 Colleen's Avatar September 22    The Summers are too Quick, Minnesota   
sladd79054 *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
Visit sladd79054's homepage! 5,639 sladd79054's Avatar February 15, 1971 sladd79054 SAHM
sparkysgirl Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  5,302 sparkysgirl's Avatar July 1    Virginia   
geswho40 Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  4,956 geswho40's Avatar MN-USA Animal rescue, digi scrappingRespiratory care
jenltip Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  4,946 jenltip's Avatar          
chigirl *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  4,932 chigirl's Avatar September 25        
Nani Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit Nani's homepage! 4,764 Nani's Avatar July 29, 1966 Nani_Notes married middle age student with twofeline kids.Toledo, OHThe Chronicles of Nani http://chroniclesofnani.blogspot.comScrapping, baseball and railroad photography with my hubby, scrapping our feline kids.Student (Web Design)
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