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robinsismai *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  26,372 robinsismai's Avatar May 19    West  
msbrad *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Winner of Scrapping Survivor- Season 4
  23,733 msbrad's Avatar      Tampa, Florida   
Pippin *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  19,148 Pippin's Avatar      Lapland, northern Swedenpia-design.blogspot.sescrapbooking, cardmaking, sewing, jewelry making, gardening 
yabby Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  17,786 yabby's Avatar     mother to 5 boysOklahoma  Homemaker/Homeschooler
Elizabeth *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  14,967 Elizabeth's Avatar      East Coast of Australia (NSW)   
Victoria32 Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  13,203 Victoria32's Avatar      BC Canada   
emscraps *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  12,385 emscraps's Avatar      Bay Area, CA Scrapbooking! 
Ricki *Snickerdoodle*
*GingerScraps Ad Team
  11,669 Ricki's Avatar December 15, 1959' life :)Jerusalem, Israel and my Mac.My DH :)
scrappinbella *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Lead Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  11,272 scrappinbella's Avatar February 21    Indian Harbour Beach, Florida  retired intravenous nurse
trina513 *GingerBread Lady*
*Designer: Dear Friends Designs
**Lead GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  10,839 trina513's Avatar May 13 WIwww.scrappingourlivesaway.blogspot.comPhotography, Digiscrappin', Biking, SoftballSAHM
webdesignmom Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  10,610 webdesignmom's Avatar   1969june  Ohio Digi scrap, web design, computers, camping, crafts.SAHM
waterlily_mc *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  9,926 waterlily_mc's Avatar          
Smurfie Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  9,009   October 5   Proud auntie, Crazy Cat Lady, Backstreet Boys fan, The Script fan, Rugby Nut and of course: Digi Scrapper!In the arms of the angels that are the Kentucky Cousins The Script (Glen!)/Backstreet Boys, Ireland, Irish rugby, digiscrappingProfessional Backstreet stalker ;)
Sarah *Site Manager
*GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
Visit Sarah's homepage! 8,286 Sarah's Avatar December 8, 1981 SarahCB1208, daughter, wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, fighter, lover, defender, scrapperTopeka, Kansas, United Stateshttp://tm2ts.sarahsmidnightfantasy.comgraphics, reading, drawing, learning PSP, learning PhotoshopThe Queen's Left Hand
becky_a *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  8,279 becky_a's Avatar      MN   
mskinsey *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  8,194 mskinsey's Avatar      St. Croix, US Virgin Islands   
lorigaud *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  8,148 lorigaud's Avatar June 8    Maine  6th grade teacher
kimmyscraps Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  7,767 kimmyscraps's Avatar May 23, 1977   I have 2 wonderful daughters, Tori & Alli.Kalamazoo, MIwww.kimmyscraps.blogspot.comReading, scrapbooking (both paper & digital), board games, playing cardsCustomer service/sales
nutsaboutgabe Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit nutsaboutgabe's homepage! 7,681 nutsaboutgabe's Avatar February 27, 1978   Married mom with one child.Central Connecticut and readingHelpdesk Tech.
GingerScraps The Queen
*GingerBread Lady*
Designer and Owner of GingerScraps
Visit GingerScraps's homepage! 7,543 GingerScraps's Avatar February 24, 1977 I am a mom of two awesome kids!! And LOVE my digi world :)Northern California U.S.Ahttp://gingerscraps.blogspot.comBesides scrapping and designing- reading, writing, playing games, beading.Owner of GingerScraps and Scrap Designer :)
rdjrneace Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
missdamsel *Site Manager
*GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*Scrapping Survivor - Digi-County Fair - WINNER! {staff}
Visit missdamsel's homepage! 7,107 missdamsel's Avatar December 3 missdamsel66  Franklin,  
Jill *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  6,921 Jill's Avatar September 25 I do not twitter I am 70 years old, a wife, mother of 3 and grandmother of 8. I like to read, dance, crochet, embroider, chase the grandkids around their various activities, and hoping to regain an enthusiasm for scrapping after an 18 month lay offNSW AustraliaI do no have a blogAs aboveHousehold engineer
photom Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  6,900 photom's Avatar          
prettyingreen *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Pretty in Green Designs
*Winner of Scrpping Survivor- Season 2
  6,847 prettyingreen's Avatar January 13, 1985        
pamr Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  6,658 pamr's Avatar      East Texas Painting, candlemaking, photographysmall business owner
Colleen *GingerBread Lady*
*Designer: Dear Friends Designs
*Lead GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  6,562 Colleen's Avatar September 22    The Summers are too Quick, Minnesota   
ScrappyCoyote Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  6,427 ScrappyCoyote's Avatar      Northeast Ohiohttp://scrappycoyote.blogspot.comCanines, photography, and scrapping - traditional and digitalGrandmom and Mom
sladd79054 *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
Visit sladd79054's homepage! 6,234 sladd79054's Avatar February 15, 1971 sladd79054 SAHM
aridra *Sugar Cookie*
*GingerScraps Praise Team
  5,670 aridra's Avatar     An empty-nester, I am Indian by birth, Australian by citizenship, Swiss by residency and consider myself a citizen of the world.Switzerland Drawing and painting, reading, travelling, Indian music and now very newly, scrapping 
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