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lorigaud *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  8,233 lorigaud's Avatar June 8    Maine  6th grade teacher
Lisa *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
  5,084 Lisa's Avatar March 15    Sunny SoCal   
littleradtrio *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Little Rad Trio
*{Staff} Winner of Survivor-Season 4 *Oz*
  2,114 littleradtrio's Avatar      Beautiful Minnesota   
Lmsandt *GingerBread Girl*
*GingerScraps Site Creative Team
*GingerScraps Ad Team
  1,361 Lmsandt's Avatar I'm Shelly, SHAM, wife Dayton, mommy to Dayson, Ean, Teslie, Jayce and AbbyVernal Utah  
lulutoo Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  889 lulutoo's Avatar      WI   
Luv Ewe Designs *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Luv Ewe Designs
  851 Luv Ewe Designs's Avatar          
lauramarie Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
  701 lauramarie's Avatar Digital Kit Designer and Scrap ArtistSouthern California  
lsl_scrapper Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
lilykusumah *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Pixelily Designs
  537 lilykusumah's Avatar      Balikpapan,  
Laura Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit Laura's homepage! 515 Laura's Avatar March 13 I still don't understand the point in twitter?? lol I am a mother to 1 little girl, wife to a smokin hot soldier, and a cosmetologist! Life is gooood ;)Tennesseehttp://www.lauras-little-corner.blogspot.comHorses, digital scrapbooking of course, music, scary movies, cooking, and of course, my little girl!Cosmetologist
lhansen148 Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  451 lhansen148's Avatar          
LindsayJane *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Lindsay Jane
  432 LindsayJane's Avatar          
lynnw Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  406 lynnw's Avatar          
LissaMac Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  330 LissaMac's Avatar      Florida, baby!   
LLinda Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  314 LLinda's Avatar          
lynett_rock Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  284 lynett_rock's Avatar  
Loriebug66 Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  277 Loriebug66's Avatar          
lissykay Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  277 Public Relations professional in Utah. Wife & mom. Love politics & history. Fanatic sports fan: Kansas City Chiefs, Chelsea, Real Salt Lake, & NZ All Blacks.North Salt Lake Public Relations Associate
lynelle Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
Visit lynelle's homepage! 262 lynelle's Avatar  Oregon SAHM
lorryfach Executive Chef
*Master in the kitchen!*
Visit lorryfach's homepage! 259 lorryfach's Avatar March 7, 1978 lorryfach new scrapper and new mommyDenmarkhttp://lorry.fach-pedersen.netI am a Mac user and I do all my scrapping in Pixelmator.SAHM
LLPooh1 Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  240 LLPooh1's Avatar Executive Assistant; Mommy
lightmistress Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  186 lightmistress's Avatar  
Lauracw Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
Visit Lauracw's homepage! 180 Lauracw's Avatar   cwpicketandco wife, mommy, designerOhiowww.365dayswithk.blogspot.comphotoshop 
lainey Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
lbugcash Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  164 lbugcash's Avatar     I have been an NICU nurse for 18 years and have always loved crafts and scrapbookingOgden, Ut. Scrapbooking (of course), hybrid, wood & vinyl craftsNICU nurse
lawyerlyn Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  155 lawyerlyn's Avatar          
Lilismother Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
Visit Lilismother's homepage! 149            
Lynncal Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  139 Lynncal's Avatar September 17        
lilibug Sous-Chef
*The kitchen is my second home*
  132 lilibug's Avatar          
LittleFeetDigitalDesigns *GingerBread Lady*
Designer: Little Feet Digital Designs
  115 LittleFeetDigitalDesigns's Avatar The 411 / Behind the computer and the lens... Up until recently I was blessed to be a SAHM to one teenage boy and have been happily married for 25+ years. My husband and I have now found ourselves as empty nesters (and oh so not ready for it). Our son is in his second year of college at Sam Houston State University and is in the SHSU Bearkat Marching Band, so most fall weekends you will find us in Huntsville at the games. We have one little rescue dog named Ali and we live in Cypress, Texas which is about 30 miles NW of Houston. I have a BFA in Graphic Arts and Advertising and am a Summa Cum Laude graduate from Sam Houston State University. I am retired from a career in city politics, I used my minor - Public Relations - rather than my major (I was the one that was always behind the candidate). Due to the long hours and job demands, we decided that it was not a 'family friendly' career... so, we weighed all of our options and I was very blessed to be able to retire and concentrate on what truly are the most important things in my life... my family, my faith, my friends and my love of designing. I started traditional scrapping in 1999, joined the digital scrapping world in April 2008 and in March of 2010 I started my own line of digital scrapbooking products - Little Feet Digital Designs. I absolutely love digital designing (my family said that since I spend so much time at my computer that it needed a name, so my son named it 'Sheldon'). I love taking photos of anything and everything and love scrapping those little moments in life that mean so much!! Little Feet Digital Designs is a custom design scrapbook service, specializing in creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind scrapbook kits that help you preserve your photos, memories and stories for generations. Our photos are some of the most precious things we have containing memories of our lifetime. Because I know your photos are special to you and your family and that there are many digital products for you to choose from, I would be honored if you let my custom designs help you take your photos out of the box and place them in a unique album. I would love to help you capture your life’s moments.Cypress, Texas Keeping, Photography, Traveling, Reading, CookingDigital Designer
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