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  1. with my last surviving breath I just voted of you, but, i guess it doesn't matter now. I cannot believe tanya forgot her LO for the week..that wasted spot could have been mine since i was next in line for immunity with my LO(yep, I got up at 3am that morning to do it!). I have alread packed up and ready to you on the mainland! hugs
  2. who is in our alliance now? i can send you list of mine you can send me your list..i have asked auddymay if she is interested since she has massage table..but, they may have their set alliances already ..hope you are doing well and enjoying the bugs...
  3. should we make sure that velociraptorx wants to join our alliance or if she wants to stay with her original alliance? i think sberkan is part of her alliance(hey, i must be careful who i share my toilet paper with!)
  4. me too...i'm getting pretty thirsty
  5. oh yes, i am having an ok time here..stayin gout of trouble..trying to share my stuff...
  6. i have made some friends but no one has come out and asked for alliances that is why i am doing it now..did you hear some people are hula dancing? good, so let's start our little groups contact your people..i'll start feeling out mine as well...yes, i could use razor, huh?
  7. are you interested in any toilet paper? I need water...alliance? how are you holding up?
  8. hey you! am i getting lost or what? what is this "I'm stalking" thing about? do you know?..i looked at that video too...hidden meaning there, i wonder? How long have you been on this site?
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