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  1. Well hello Allison...

    grand babies are wonderful....I have the pleasure of having both mine live with me...some think I am nuts and I feel that way sometimes but I wouldn't change it for the world...they bring me such joy....I don't usually chat with "strangers" but something about your note seemed very friendly...looking forward to getting to know you.

    Jo Ann
  2. Hi, Thanks for your lovely comments. thought I would add you to my friends list (my first) I hope you dont mind.

    It's been frantic here, but deadline over and I have got time to explore the forum.

    I suspect we have Grannyhood in common, I became a Gran 9 months ago and I love it. Kids make you laugh and enjoy life.

    Well, speak soon and I've got a lot of sleep to catch up on, and doing my babysitting tomorrow

    Take care

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