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  1. Hello Colleen
    I'm not sure what happened but when I got back from my holidays I didn't have access to the private forums. I tried to PM you, but that's not working either. Could you please check into that?
    Thank you.
    Beata (Atusia)
  2. Colleen

    I really enjoyed serving on the Ginger Scraps CT and would like to ask you to please allow me to come back.
    I understand that I've not fulfilled my monthly requirements in the forums chats and praises. I meant well but life just got too hectic. We were finishing building our home and I was still babysitting by grandkids, and on top of that I had problem with my internet connection.
    Now my circumstances have changed, I have a good internet access and much more time to participate in the forums. We are now in the new home, grandkids are in school and my husband travels for work and is gone days at a time. I have lots of time to scrap and to spend in the forums. I really loved the Ginger Scraps CT and miss it alot.
    Could you please allow me to come back on a trial basis to prove myself? Pretty please.

    Beata aka Atusia
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